Today, mobile app technology has made it easier for computer science students and professionals to review concepts, upload files and create code wherever they want. Check our our picks for ten of the best Ipad apps for computer science professionals.


Koder Code Editor

The Koder iPad app will find itself useful to computer science students and current professionals alike. Find and edit code, use a snippet manager and access many other features with this application. The app has a useful syntax editing feature that supports 24 computer languages, which is perfect for quick coding on-the-go.





This handy app is equipped to run code on a Linux server and retrieve results; currently, the app supports 50 computer languages and internet connection is necessary. The app automatically saves the code being worked on, and all code files can be saved, loaded and transferred via Dropbox or iTunes.




Computer Science, MIS and Networking

Designed by WAGmob, this iPad app is rich with content for the computer science major. From programming basics, algorithms to memory management, the app covers topics explored in an undergraduate computer science program. The application also comes loaded with flashcards, quizzes and lessons to help improve computer science comprehension.




AS Level ICT

Information and communication technologies, otherwise known as ICT, is fully covered in this educational iPad app. Users have access to over eight hours of instructional videos and lessons that focus on validation and verification, encoding data, problems explored in ICT, networks, human computer interaction and much more.




101 Concepts Computer Science

This instructive app functions like a classroom in an iPad. Students and those simply interested in the subject have access to beginner and expert levels of instruction. While learning, students can take and save notes in the app, and computer concepts can instantly be sent to e-mail and shared with friends via social media.




Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a leader in free online education, has an iPad app that’s equipped with beginning computer science. There, students can expose themselves to the subject through Khan Academy’s helpful instructional videos. Videos offer step-by-step lessons on basic code writing, and after watching, students have the option to write their own JavaScript code.





As one of the various coding apps offered by Apple, Textastic exceeds expectations by allowing users to code in more than 80 computer languages. Computer Science students and current professionals can customize fonts and font sizes to their liking. For quick and easy coding, the virtual keyboard includes easily accessible symbols.




php Cheat Sheet

This app is useful for the beginning computer science student learning the ropes of the subject and current professionals in need of reference sources. The application functions as a basic glossary for terms and definitions which include File systems, Errors, FTP, XML Zip, HTTP and many more essential concepts.




FTP on the Go

This convenient iPad app is a great option for the computer science student, computer engineering professional or business owner who needs to view, edit, download and upload files from anywhere. Using wireless connection, users can share file access with others  and can connect from a computer through web or FTP clients.





This ipad application is designed for the BASIC programming language. techBASIC allows users to create their own apps, analyze data using matrix operations and utilize graphing capabilities. For those new to BASIC, the app has a starter guide, reference manual, lessons and sample programs that can be modified.