The field of computer science is broad, as it deals with all aspects of computing from the design and construction of computers, to the design of the software applications that run on them, and everything in between. This resource guide lists some of the premier associations, publications, and conferences available to students and professionals in the computer science field. These resources provide students and professionals with support, training opportunities, and cutting edge knowledge applicable to the computer science industry.

Professional and Research Associations

  • Association for Computing Machinery is the most all-inclusive association for Computer Scientists. ACM concerns itself with every facet of the computer industry, from the design and construction of computers, to the programs that run on them, and the ins and outs of networking them.
  • International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology is a non-profit association consisting of some of the foremost scholars and computer scientists in the computer science industry. The membership includes leading researchers, faculty deans of prominent computer science programs, engineers, and software developers.
  • Computer Science Teachers Association promotes computer science education particularly in the K-12 context. The association provides opportunities and resources for teachers that will aid them in the process of instructing children in the fundamentals of computer science.
  • The Computer Research Association seeks to advance education in computing as well as computer science itself through research and policy advocacy.
  • IEEE Computer Society strives to be the premier information resource for computing professionals. The society publishes several journals, provides extensive training opportunities, and fosters a strong professional community for researchers, engineers, software engineers, IT professionals, and students.
  • Association for Women in Computing is devoted to the advancement of women in computing fields. The association provides special support and advocacy for women in computing industries, which are largely male dominated.
  • Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence is a non-profit association that was founded in 1979 and is devoted to understanding thought and intelligent behavior, particularly their potential for embodiment in machines. AAAI promotes research in, and the responsible use of artificial intelligence.
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science: Computer Science Association was founded in the late 1950’s with the goal of providing training and support to computer science students and professionals, with the intent of encouraging the spirit of innovation in the field.
  • International Society for Computers and Their Applications is devoted to the promotion and advancement of science and engineering in the field of computers.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation is an advocacy group concerned with preserving the digital freedoms that allow computer professionals to continue to innovate in the field and advance technology for the benefit of the human race.
  • International Association for Cryptologic Research is a non-profit scientific organization devoted to the advancement of cryptology, one of the most fundamentally important fields in a society that increasingly relies on digital means of communication.


  • IT Professional Magazine is IEEE’s bi-monthly magazine covering the intersection of computer science and information technology. The magazine is geared toward the developers and managers of enterprise information systems.
  • IEEE Software is a bi-monthly magazine covering cutting edge software development information to aid software engineers and managers in keeping on top of this rapidly changing field. IEEE Software bridges the gap between pure research and pure practice in software development.
  • IEEE Micro is a bi-monthly magazine with an international audience comprised primarily of microcomputer and microprocessor designers, engineers, and system integrators. The magazine serves readers that wish to improve their understanding of computers, peripherals, systems, components and other assorted aspects of computing technology.
  • Internet Computing is another bi-monthly IEEE publication and is positioned at the intersection of academic research and software development with the goal of fleshing out the application of emerging internet technology to modern day life.
  • IEEE Intelligent Systems is a peer-reviewed publication featuring articles on cutting edge theory and the applications of intelligent systems. The journal is targeted at computer science and engineering professionals across multiple fields including healthcare, defense, finance, manufacturing, and science.
  • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications bridges the theory and practice of computer graphics. The magazine features content exploring every facet of computer graphics integration, as well as tutorials and surveys aimed at providing a broad overview of the field.
  • Annals of the History of Computing is IEEE’s archival journal of computing history and covers all major aspects of the history of the computing field, from its ambitious beginnings to the present day.
  • Computational Mechanics publishes original scholarly research regarding the field of computational mechanics. The advancement of the rational application of mechanics, mathematics is the primary concern of this journal.
  • Computational Intelligence is a leading international journal devoted to the exploration of artificial intelligence, both its applications and philosophical implications. Computational Intelligence achieves this through the publication of both experimental and theoretical research.
  • Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory is an international forum for the publication of interdisciplinary research in order to advance science in formal reasoning, analysis, and system building.
  • Cluster Computing: the Journal of Networks, Software Tools and Applications is a forum for the presentation of cutting edge research and technology in parallel processing, distributed computing systems, and computer networks.
  • The International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science publishes interdisciplinary research in various fields including applied mathematics, scientific computing, and computer science.
  • Information and Computation publishes original articles in all areas of theoretical computer science as well as the computational applications of information theory.
  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research was one of the world’s first electronic scientific journals and publishes refereed articles, survey articles and technical notes concerned with the field of artifical intelligence.
  • Journal of Automated Reasoning is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes an array of articles concerned with the pure theory, practical implementation, and application of automated reasoning.
  • Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology is positioned at the cross section of biology and computer science and features original research articles geared toward aiding both biologists interested in further implementing computers in their work and computer scientists interested in biology and bridging the gap between the two fields.
  • Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers focuses on the hardware side of computer science and computer engineering by covering the advancements in the design of circuits and their application to computers and computer systems.
  • Logical Methods in Computer Science is a refereed, open access, free online journal featuring papers addressing the use of logical methods in the field of computer science.
  • Journal of Cryptology is the journal of the International Association for Cryptologic Research and the primary means of the dissemination of research findings of that organization. The journal also publishes original cryptology research from outside the association and other research regarding information security.
  • Journal of Systems and Software primarily features papers addressing the myriad issues involving programming methodology, software engineering, and hardware/software systems challenges.
  • Association for Computing Machinery is responsible for the publication of over 40 journals related to various facets of computer science and is one of the most highly regarded sources for information on the computer science field.