Computer science has many opportunities for those who want to be their own boss or start their own business.  In fact, Sillicon Valley is ful of companies that started in people’s basements and garages and grew into huge enterprises. A venture can start as something done in one’s spare time add grow into a full time business if one develops a strong business. There are numerous great oppertunities one can seize to start their own business, below are just some of the many oppertunities.

1. Mobile/Tablet Application Development: Mobile applications for smartphones have become a growing business and are a relatively easy venture to start. Of course, it requires knowledge of programming but, it can be a very lucrative venture. The tools needed to develop applications for most mobile platforms are free, making the sole investment one’s time. However, it is important to keep in mind that to list an app on Apple’s App Store, one must register to be an Apple developer and pay $100/year. Mobile apps can, give a good idea and good marketing, grow into large, successful businesses or it could be a great source of a second income.
2. Computer Repair and Consulting: People often need computer repairs or consultation for technology, and can be very lucrative work. The other advantage, is that one can easily schedule repair and consulting work around their own schedule and do it as a side job after work, over weekends or whatever works for them. If one networks and builds a good client base this could turn into a business and can turn into a full time job.
3. Web Design: Just like computer repair and consulting, there is a great depend for talented, experienced web developers and designers. Design work can be done on a freelance basis in one’s free time and do work on a project for various clients.
4. Social Network Site or Web Application: If one has an idea for a new, innovative website or social media idea and has the skills to build it, it can develop into a business. This is what the web 2.0 movement was built on, people developing a project in their spare time and growing them into large companies and sometimes, as is the case recently with Twitter, go public!
5. Desktop Software: Even though mobile apps are all the rage, there is still a place for innovative desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS computers.
6. Hardware Design: Silicon Valley evolved from fruit orchards to a high tech sector because of electronics innovators. Electronics can do so many incredible things and for those who like tinkering with them can make new amazing things. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs wanted to build a personal commuter for themselves and it turned into Apple Computer. There are also affordable programmable boards like the Raspberry Pi that can be developed in to so many things and provide beginners a powerful jumping off point.


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