A person who is investigating an engineering bachelor’s degree study program may want to know whether computer science is a good minor for engineering. In short, the person wants to have all of the skills necessary to be successful in his or her work as an engineer. The following looks at the answer to this question and outlines some of the aspects of work as a mechanical engineer.

Computer Science and Engineering

A person with a career as a mechanical engineer builds and designs various sorts of equipment, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though there are many types of engineers, someone who wants to become a mechanical engineer would benefit from minoring in computer science. A mechanical engineer working in the 21st century does a lot of work on a computer. This professional uses many types of computer programs to create intricate designs for machines and equipment. Someone who doesn’t have experience with these programs, or computers in general, will be at a disadvantage when competing for a job position as a mechanical engineer.

The Education of a Mechanical Engineer

A person who wants to become a mechanical engineer must earn a bachelor’s degree. There are also some professionals who go on to pursue a master’s degree. This advanced degree can be helpful to someone who wants to be a supervisor or a manager.

Valuable Skills of a Mechanical Engineer

Since the main task of a mechanical engineer is to design machines, it’s beneficial if the person pays a lot of attention to detail. The various parts of a machine must be organized in a logical way in order for it to work. Overlooking the smaller details can result in a faulty design. Another valuable skill for a mechanical engineer is patience. Depending on the machine, it may take months or years to complete a successful design. An engineer must be patient when going about his or her important work. Persistence is another critical skill for a mechanical engineer. Not every design works out the first time it is put together. But, a persistent mechanical engineer will continue making the necessary changes to a design in order to get a positive result.

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Creativity and the Mechanical Engineer

It would seem that creativity would not be a necessary quality for a mechanical engineer; however, creativity is helpful to this type of professional. Some mechanical engineers envision the machine or equipment in their mind before creating the design plan on a computer. They may picture the various parts of a new machine or picture changes in the parts of an existing machine. It helps them to have an initial idea of the components of a machine even if they are only found in a mental picture.

Finally, the more computer programs a mechanical engineer is familiar with, the more he or she can progress in the profession. So, for a person who wants to excel in this career field, computer science is a good minor for an engineering study program.