Ph.D in Computer ScienceIf you have thought about pursuing a career in the field of computer science, an important question has probably crossed your mind: Can I Get a Ph.D In Computer Science? By reading the data found below, you can obtain an answer to this question and several others that pertain to the field of computer science.

Computer Science – A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, computer science is basically the study of the structure, mechanization, expression, and feasibility of the algorithms (methodical processes) which underlie the representation, processing, and storage of information encoded within a computer memory. Computer scientists specialize in computation theory as well as computational systems design.

Can I Get a Ph.D In Computer Science?

Individuals who are interested in developing or advancing their careers within the field of computer science should note that they can opt to obtain a Ph.D in the field. There are several learning institutions that offer this degree, and some of them include:

1. Stanford University
2. Carnegie Mellon University
3. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
4. Georgia Tech
5. Boston University

Ph.D Computer Science Coursework

Individuals who opt to obtain a Ph.D. in computer science should note that they will be required to fulfill various course requirements in order to obtain the degree. While the specific coursework will vary based on the institution, some of the classes that one can expect to take will include:

-Analysis of Algorithms
-Randomness in Computing
-Object-Oriented Software Principles
-Programming Languages
-Computer Architecture
-Introduction to Operating Systems I
-Operating Systems II
-Advanced Computer Networks
-Introduction to Computer Networks

The Value of an Online Education

As a result of technological advancements in this 21st century era, individuals who want to pursue a Ph.D in computer science can do so online. There are a variety of institutions that offer this distance learning option, including Aspen University. There are also several schools that blend traditional learning with online learning, and this form of education is often viewed favorably by employers who want their employees to be technologically advanced yet are still skeptical about the legitimacy of online degrees. While online learning can be advantageous for anyone, it is oftentimes an especially beneficial educational option for individuals who work full-time and/or have families.


Yet another thing you should consider when you begin pursuing a Ph.D in computer science is whether you want to specialize in a specific subject. Making this determination is important, because many educational programs will employ faculty or offer programs specifically geared towards helping individuals who wish to specialize in a certain subject gain the knowledge and experience necessary to do so.

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Career Goals

Yet another thing you should consider if you opt to obtain a Ph.D in computer science is which direction you’ll want to take your career. As Dawn Rosenberg McKay notes in her article, Computer Science Major, individuals who obtain a Ph.D can become professors. They can also work in positions that only require the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, such as that of a computer support specialist or web developer.


If you are thinking about pursuing a career in computer science, you should know that advancing your education can help you accomplish this objective. By reading the information listed above, you can make an informed decision regarding whether pursuing a Ph.D in computer science would be right for you.