Computer ScienceWhether you are a recent graduate or are working in the computer industry you may be wondering if you can work for the Deparmtnet of Defense with a computer science degree.  The Department of Defense and associated offices hires civilians in several scientific and mathematical disciplines. Providing you meet other qualifying requirements, there are job positions within the Department of Defense which utilize a computer science background.

Does the Department of Defense Hire Computer Scientists?

The Department of Defense hires computer scientists, and those with a combination of computer science based course work and job experience. A review of the Department of Defense website shows the Defense Department has openings for computer scientists at various locations around the country. For an entry level position, an individual with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and superior academic performance qualifies to apply for a computer scientist position. A person with job experience or a graduate level degree may qualify for a higher-level position. The Department of Defense will evaluate your ability to meet the job requirements based on your technical competence and knowledge, skill in computer science applications, and knowledge of database applications.

What are the Additional Qualification Requirements?

Beyond education and work experience, there are additional requirements for qualification. To become an employee of the federal government, you must be a United States Citizen. The Department of Defense also requires certification from males born after December 31, 1959 that they have registered for the Selective Service. If you are a veteran or are a military spouse, you may receive preference in hiring over others with similar qualifications. Once the Defense Department receives your application for consideration, the qualification process includes a background investigation.

What is the Application Process?

You can apply online to work for the Department of Defense as a Computer Scientist. By entering computer science in the key word box, you can view current job openings and investigate positions, locations, qualification requirements, and salary ranges. When you select an individual listing, the page will have tabs for pages specifying duties, qualifications, how to apply, and more. Part of the application process includes submitting a transcript and resume, and completing an occupational questionnaire. The individual postings will indicate if there is any additional required paperwork.

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How Can I Use a Computer Science Degree in the Department of Defense?

There are many ways a Computer Scientist can aid in the research and functional needs of the Defense Department. Computer Scientists put their analysis; software development, design and implementation; modelling, simulation and emulation; and other expertise in various branches of the Department of Defense. Computer Scientists work in human resources, education and training command posts, defense information systems and other offices throughout the United States.

Although the Department of Defense oversees branches of the military, there are many positions open to civilians. In addition to over 1.4 million active duty personnel and 1.1 million in the reserves and National Guard, the Department of Defense employs over 718,civilians. Whether you are military or civilian, you can work for the Department of Defense with a computer science degree.