If you are passionate about gaming, you may be wondering if obtaining a computer science degree will land you an entry level position in the industry. While there is not one right answer to this question, having any related degree in computer science can definitely improve your chances of landing a position with a leader in the gaming industry. Read on and learn which degrees will give you more power when submitting an application for employment, and choose the right degree program so that you can supplement your passion by gaining knowledge and developing skill.

The Shift From the Past to the Present

Many gamers have what they believe is a genius idea for a console game at one time or another. In the past, self-taught computer scientists were the ones to succeed in the gaming industry by pitching their ideas to developers and making the leap from hobbyist to commercial scientist. With this being said, the industry has undergone several changes as mobile games and more advanced console systems are being introduced to the public. Now, most employers in the commercial gaming industry are only offering positions to individuals with skill, passion, and training. Competition in the industry has skyrocketed, and with all of the applicants applying for commercial gaming positions, having a degree in computer science will surely help you compete against the most experienced and well-rounded applicants.

Gaining Technical Proficiency to Back Up Your Passion and Work Ethic

As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you will feel like you have never worked a day in your life, but having passion is no longer enough in the gaming industry. When you enroll in a computer science degree program at a reputable institution, you can gain the technical proficiency that you need to be a valuable asset with an organization. By completing a structured program in computer science, you can learn the newest technologies in the industry that you may have never come in contact with as a self-taught candidate. You will learn conceptual skills that you may never learn in the real world, but keep in mind that courses as based on theory and that you will have to be able to solve real-world problems as well if you want to find a position in the industry.

Degrees Are Demanded for Some But Not All Positions

Some employers are willing to hire applicants who do not have a degree if they can show off their talents. While this is true, computer science degrees are still demanded for specific IT positions in the gaming industry. If you are looking to get a position as a Web developer, a software engineer or a programmer in the gaming industry, chances are a degree will matter. You must consider the career you are pursuing and the organization you plan on applying with to determine if a degree is really necessary.

Computer science degree programs will undoubtedly expose you to an array of different topics. Completing these programs will make you more marketable in the workforce in a variety of different industries. While the degree may not be required, it can certainly help you if your aspirations change in the future.