The MIS degree, also known as a master’s of information science, is a relatively new creation in the world of academia. A computer science degree is more traditional, and it is something that more colleges offer. Individuals can be successful with each of these degrees, and each degree provides the foundation for working in a host of fields. It is true, though, that the business world views these degrees differently. If you are going to make an informed decision on which degree to pursue, then you will need to know how the business world is going to assess either of these degrees.

A broader foundation with a computer science degree

Most computer science programs provide their graduates with a board education that spans many different disciplines. You will learn how to program, you might learn how to design, and you will learn how to deal with individual computers. Though a computer science degree will deal with some networking and information technology issues, you will study many others things. With this in mind, the business world views computer science degree holders as being very usable in a number of different ways. Many companies look to hire these individuals to serve as all-purpose IT professionals. The best thing about having a computer science degree is that you can provide immediate assistance in a host of different business settings.

The limitations of a computer science degree

You should know that holding a computer science degree is not without some downsides in the modern business world. The business landscape is changing, and today’s companies are looking for employees who have specific knowledge. Though a jack of all trades can still be valuable, you may have to market yourself in a specific, creative way to land a position. If you are interviewing with a company that values specialized degrees and knowledge, then your computer science degree may not get the job done. This is where specialized degree holders will have an advantage.

MIS degree holders possess specific database management skills

The business world recognizes that the MIS degree provides significant training on how to manage and design databases. As more businesses turn to modern technology for better efficiency, those businesses will need people who can add value. Those students who attend a well-regarded MIS program will come out with the knowledge to contribute on day one. Perhaps the most important characteristic of an MIS degree holder is that he or she will be able to manage a team of employees in addition to handling specific database duties.

MIS degree holders have narrower expertise

Though the MIS degree covers some of the same things that a computer science degree might cover, it focuses primarily on information systems management and database management. The business world recognizes this important difference. Companies with larger IT departments will usually look for people with these specific skills. Because you would be able to fill a specialized role in one of those departments, you could find a place with one of these companies. Businesses looking for a person to work as a one-man team would likely shy away from a student who studied in such a specific focus.

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