It goes without saying that having an ONLINE COMPUTER SCIENCE DEGREE will take you farther than without. In the standard model of business and labor, this holds true. It can also be said that this also depends on the type of work that you do. In the technology field having a college degree doesn’t always equate to marketability as a skilled employee. While having the degree will never hurt you, hiring employers in the IT field will generally look at three things.

1 – Application

Whether you are a developer or a network technician, there will almost always be some sort of application screening. I’m not talking about what’s on your resume but how you go about certain tasks. For some employers, this will involve a simple question and answer during the interview. If this is a phone interview, you will be asked questions on the subject matter of the work you will be performing. If you interviewing in person, this may even include a hands-on evaluation while asking to perform particular tasks. If you are unsure of an answer, don’t try to fake it. Take your best guess or state outright that you don’t know.

2 – Attitude
Believe it or not, this goes a long way with most technology employers. The reason you don’t fake an answer in the application assessment is because some questions are just designed to see how you react to them. This is something that having a computer science degree won’t teach you. If you are approached with a challenging project or question, take a deep breath and simply go to that which you know. If you don’t know the answer, then know how to get the answer and report your sources.

3 – Knowledge Base

Having a computer science degree is a huge part of the knowledge base that you have at your resources but it isn’t the only thing. The internet is often the first sought out reference for seeking knowledge as computer science people tend to put everything on the net. Using a search engine like Google is a good start but also check out various community websites and forums. It’s not likely that your problem is extremely unique and others may have encountered it as well. If all else fails, ask a colleague or co-worker.

The Golden Algorithm

Generally speaking, hiring managers will look at a combination of things. If you have the experience under your belt, then you likely have the attitude and application down. Even if you haven’t got your computer science degree, these traits are extremely applicable and desired to employers. Having your college degree may not help you unless you’re taking your career in an alternate direction. Employers will look at certifications just as they do a college degree. This is part of your Knowledge Base.

All-in-all employers will want to ensure that you’re capable of doing the job. In this the Golden Algorithm is what matters. You will have to show that you can do the job. Prove that you can handle the job. Then validate your knowledge base by having an ONLINE COMPUTER SCIENCE DEGREE or having applicable certifications.


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