hackerA professional hacker is a programming expert with the technical knowledge and skills needed to identify vulnerabilities within a computer system or a network in order to come up with solutions. While some believe that hackers make a profit off of breaching security systems and stealing confidential data, programmers who crack systems with ill intentions are referred to as crackers in the programming world. Both government agencies and large wealthy private corporations hire professionals in the programming world to identify where crackers can breach a system and to come up with clever solutions. If you would like to use your programming and problem-solving skills for the good, read this guide and learn how to become a hacker.

Learn the Fundamentals of Programming

Since hackers are technically networking wizards and technical programmers, the very first step to getting noticed as a professional capable of hacking is to learn the fundamentals. To do this, you should begin to work with Unix, the operating system of the world wide web, so that you can become a part of the hacking culture. Since so many programs and applications are powered by the Internet, knowing the ins and outs of Unix is critical. This is the most effective way to learn to hack on a Windows machine.

Once you have a good understanding of Unix, you will then need to learn how write HTML. This is a must when you do not yet know how to program and you would like to become proficient with the basic programming language of the Internet. Once you have done this, you will need to move on to learning the language of programming. You should learn Python, C, C++, Java and other languages that are widely used on platforms that are user friendly.

Become a Part of the Hacker Culture

After you have the technical skill, you need to learn to adopt the right attitude in order to become a part of the hacker community. To be a problem solver, you need to be a creative thinker who can be artistic and ethical at the same time. There are so many problems on the web and within networks that need solving. You will need to decide what interests you, share information and solutions with the hacker community, and fight for equality to get a good reputation that will get you noticed.

Use Open-Source Software to Your Advantage

Open-source software is your friend. Writing open-source programs that everyone can use and test is a great way to get experience and feedback. You can become a beta-tester and debug open-source programs yourself, or you can publish useful information to technical blogs, user manuals and FAQ lists so that you are noticed as a technical author. This is where you will be found or where you can show off your portfolio when applying to professional positions.

The last step will be to get certified as an ethical and professional in the hacking community. A Certified Ethical Hacker will get noticed on the professional platform as someone who puts ethics before all else. After you are certified, you can start to market yourself to agencies and corporations who are actively hiring. It will take time and branding, but once you are a professional hacker you can make money solving big problems.