The massive online approach is very controversial in many types of educational programs because it is argued that this method doesn’t provide significant enough resources for efficient learning. People seeking a major in computer science will often inquire as to whether or not they will receive a valid education when using the MOOC approach for their education because they aren’t sure if proper evaluation will be used with the work that they submit, as it is often more difficult to assess a student’s ability. click here if interested in learning more about MOOCs.

Subjective Vs. Objective

The advantage of computer science is that it can be graded using an objective approach rather than a subjective one. This is do to the fact that a program or sequence either works and is coded properly, or it doesn’t at all. Just like with math and many types of sciences, these answers can either be assessed as true or false without leaving much room for opinion.

The reason that subjective areas can be difficult to assess is due to the fact that it can often be hard to decipher a student’s intentions. For example, if a student were to submit a controversial English assignment and the instructor had a question about the student’s point of view on the topic that the paper was based off of, it leaves the professor to try and guess which side the writer is supporting. Since they are using the MOOC approach, this can make it difficult to figure this information out.

Computer Based

Computer science degrees are entirely computer based because that is exactly where you will work in this career field. Being able to submit your assignments by just hitting a button and sending a document is quite helpful and saves a lot of time for you, as well as the instructor. Since it’s able to save the instructor time grading and checking if the project actually works, this gives the advantage that they can spend more time evaluating your individual assignment and easily leaving helpful comments directly on the assignment that will help you correct it to avoid further mistakes. You can read more about some of the education advantages presented by MOOCs for computer science majors here.

Messaging System

It is very unlikely that an instructor grading a computer science assignment will ever have to contact a student to ask a question about their assignment, but if they do, they can do so through the messaging system provided in most MOOCs. The biggest advantage that this has for computer science students is the fact that these types of students spend much more time on the computer, and so they often notice message much faster and can return a reply to help the instructor give proper evaluation of the assignment. This additional resource only further ensures that the MOOC system will work for computer science students.


As you can see, proper evaluation can easily be given for assignments submitted by computer science students. In fact, computer science may be the best field for this system. It makes it convenient to submit assignments and receive quick feedback.