As big data steadily consumes our world, jobs in the realm of data processing itself continue to flourish accordingly. If you’re curious about this line of work or about how much income jobs in this sector make, we have some helpful information here. Read on as we explore some of the jobs in this discipline as well as the pay rates typically associated with them.

A Massive Field

As defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica, “any use of computers to perform defined operations on data can be included under data processing. In the commercial world, data processing refers to the processing of data required to run organizations and businesses.” As such, this is a massive field in which to find work. An overall, generalized pay rate is also thus impossible.

Despite its size, however, we can start to draw some form of distinctions in this area of question by looking to a sample of the many real-life jobs found therein. The more jobs looked at, the more of an idea one can get as to how much money can be made in particular areas within the field. Here we’ll briefly look to five jobs in this area that give some basic direction from which to go off of.

Database Technical Analyst

The database technical analyst is someone who works with Oracle and other similar systems in managing data. This professional will also likely build new data-holding programs and services. Job listings in this area run between $60,000 and $120,000 each year depending on experience.

DP Clerk

A DP clerk uses their data input and retrieval skills to work with data in various forms. Package shipments, record-keeping, communications, and other forms of data manipulation fall under the daily responsibilities of this worker. The average base pay for this position is around $23,000 per year.

Data Processor

At its core, this position is all about quality control and overseeing various forms and uses of data within a company. Along with providing specific deliverables to management and overseeing data use, the data processor is also typically responsible for fixing any data issues found under their watch. Average pay here hovers right around $88,000 yearly.

District Court Clerk

Court clerks aren’t usually the first professionals that come to mind for most when it comes to jobs in the processing of data. On the contrary, these professionals are responsible for a major portion of data use and its control within the court system. This DP job makes a median income of around $37,000 each year.

Data Scientist

This job really represents the core of the science of processing and utilizing data. Find new ways to interlink data, design new approaches in database utility, and analyze statistical findings for pattern establishment just for starters in this position each and every day. Those interested in this particular vocation are looking at an average pay rate of around $118,000 yearly.

The processing of data today takes place over a massive field of workers and sub-specialties. Because of the fantastic breadth of this field, the only way to get an idea of pay rates and work within is not through generalization, but through a closer look to the specific jobs found therein. This piece and the above-mentioned careers provide just a brief glimpse into the varied pay rates, duties, and job defines found in the world of DP today.