If I already have a job as a programmer, is getting a computer science degree worth it? Based on the present state of the information technology industry, the response from most upper level Information Technology management is yes. With a diversity of factors driving hiring decisions, computer science applicants should be equipped to fit into a wide array of business settings. From setting up cloud computing networks to coding software applications for complex enterprise systems, the knowledge that an individual needs today encompasses many different areas in technology. Due to the advent of the Internet, today’s programmer must keep up with the changes that occur in their company as well as the innovations that occur around the world.

By pursuing a computer science degree from an accredited institution, the programmer is exposed to the skills, expertise and knowledge that’s needed to be successful since these programs are designed to prepare the students for upcoming career challenges in numerous settings. Listed below are several reasons why a computer science degree is needed, specifically to those who want further advancement in their career field.

Computer Science Degree Required to Meet Minimum Specifications

Even the most talented programmers are often required to compete with others for the next level in their career path. From the senior programmer position to the technical advisor, there is a natural progression that the IT staff normally aspires to achieve. These opportunities provide the individual with a chance to take on more technically advanced roles and earn additional income.

In order to get the next step in most companies, the software developer must meet the minimum education and experience requirements posted for the position. For example, the minimum requirements for a senior programmer job position may require a Bachelors degree in addition to several years of programming experience. Consequently, the programmers who do not meet the minimum degree requirements will not receive an interview since they are excluded from the candidate selection pool. This is one of the top reasons why programmer who want to progress in their field will need the computer science degree.

Become a Well-Rounded IT Professional

Participating in IT presentations, supporting cloud computing projects, providing statistical analysis, submitting the budget for the project and advanced project management skills skills are all essential duties and requirements for many different kinds of programming positions. Without this knowledge, the programmer is limited in core value to the project teams that they support and the overall company as whole. To bridge this gap, programmers who pursue and acquire a computer science degree can obtain the knowledge needed to fully contribute.

World Wide Competition

In the past, the competition for most IT related career opportunities were basically city, state, and country specific. With the increase in mobility and a challenging business economic climate, the competition for open jobs is no longer limited to a specific country but they are offered worldwide. This new infrastructure is making the competition more difficult for new and seasoned programmers alike. Therefore, it is important for everyone involved in this competitive field to prepare to the max by obtaining a computer science degree. Pursuing a computer science degree after landing a programmer job position is a great move for those who want to remain on the cutting edge of an industry that breed worldwide competition.

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