For a computer science major to succeed in his/her field, they must be equipped with a specific set of skills that will help them work through obstacles in their job. According to, computer science majors should exhibit a passion for mathematics, problem-solving, creation of code, creativity, and more. These are all of the necessary fundamental skills and internal requirements anyone considering computer science should have under their belt before actually pursuing a degree and career.

A Strong Use and Understanding of Logic

As you would expect, it is imperative for any serious computer science major to have a strong foundation in logic. Logic majorly comes in handy when it’s time to analyze or write computer algorithms or coding.

Passion for Math

Computers are very heavily based on a mathematical foundation, and it’s important for computer science majors to have a strong hand in it in order to do well. Many commands and functions are based firmly on math and logic; it’s a good idea to get a good understanding and grip on both before pursuing a career in this field.

Open to Challenges

A computer science major must not shy away or back down from challenges. Many times, problems in software development can only be handled by experienced coders that possess great problem-solving skills and have a natural drive for success.

Able to Work Alone as Well as in Groups

In some cases, computer science jobs entail long hours of working alone without the aid or input from anyone else. In other cases, computer science projects might require the minds of several individuals to create an advanced end product. Because it’s impossible to know what future project will entail, it’s a good idea that each computer science major possess the ability to work alone or in a group; whichever certain situations call for.

Able to Operate Under Large Amounts of Stress

There might come a time for a computer science graduate in his/her job when there is a pretty stringent deadline or lots weighing on the outcome of a project. Maybe the computer science graduate oversees an entire network of computers and it’s solely up to him or her to diagnose and fix a problem that is negatively affecting the network. In these types of scenarios, there can be lots of pressure from others to get things done quickly, and the computer science major might fall victim to it. A skilled computer science major will know how to act under pressure, fix problems in a timely fashion, and keep everyone else at ease while doing so.


Being a computer science major is all about coming up with newer and better solutions at all times. If you are one to be interested in computers as well as be creative or outgoing, this field is absolutely perfect for you. If you often fail to come up with new ideas or easily fall into the habit of sticking to the norm, this could be a warning sign that you aren’t cut out for computer science.

Passion for Reading/Writing Code

Lastly, but of course not least, an aspiring computer science major should have a strong knack and passion for reading and writing code. Computers function by way of coding and commands; they are the lifeblood of computers and similar electronics across the world. If you enjoy editing, reading and creating coding language for software, hardware and applications, computer science is more than likely the field for you.