Software DevelopmentIf you love computers and want to work with them for a living, you might be wondering about the different types of computer science jobs available in software development. While you should learn about software development jobs in general first, there are two main niches that you may want to look into when you’re ready: application software development and system software development.

Software Development

Software developers usually need a at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science jobs available in software development are plentiful. In fact, the job outlook is supposed to grow much faster than average. People involved with software development can work on a number of things, including:

  • Designing and developing software
  • Testing and debugging software
  • Upgrading software
  • Documenting different aspects of software for future reference
  • Teaching others how to write specific software code

Software developers often have a chance to get involved in every aspect of creating their products. Some developers work with programmers, also called coders, to write the actual programs, but they may have to write the program – in whole or in part – by themselves.

Application Software Developer

Out of all the computer science jobs available in software development, working on applications is probably the most popular goal among college students and recent graduates. These employees work on projects such as word processors, productivity apps and games. Like most computer-related jobs, you should expect to work at least full-time if you get into this type of work, and don’t be surprised if you’re asked to work overtime at least occasionally. Well-known employers of application software developers include companies such as Google and Microsoft, but a lot of application software developers work for small start-up companies that are more obscure. The average annual salary of a software developer who works with applications is around $90,000. Much of your workday will be spent working solo or within small groups, but you’ll also collaborate with larger teams on many projects.

System Software Developer

System software developers work with the systems that keep technology running. For instance, they may work on projects that deal with the operating systems of computers, smartphones or even vehicles. This job is one of the highest-paying computer science jobs available in software development. There are more system software developer jobs than there are application software developer jobs, and working with systems actually pays more than working with applications. The average system software developer makes about $100,000 every year.  In general, northern states on the Atlantic or Pacific coasts tend to pay more than southern states or areas in the heartland of America. Virginia and Massachusetts have the highest location quotients of system software developers, but you should be able to find a job that suits you in almost any urban area.

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Computer science is a great industry to work in. There are many computer science jobs available in software development, and getting one of these jobs will ensure that you’ll be able to have an enjoyable and high-paying career.