It seems that it is never too early for a computer science student to get exposure to real world information technology (IT) issues, and a great way for them to do this is by attending a technology conference. As technology continues to proliferate and evolve, more conferences and workshops are available for software developers, computer engineers, business leaders and other stakeholders. Many of the available symposiums highlight specialized topics within information technology, and computer science students who want to attend one of them can choose among many areas of interest. Here are four conferences that can be beneficial to computer science students.

E3 by IDG Communications

e3Many computer science students have dreams of creating the next big computer game within that growing sector of the entertainment industry. Armed with an academic background in programming, these students can find out more about trends in video game design and development such as new languages and platforms used to create realistic games when they attend the E3 symposium and trade show. For example, exhibitors display the latest game development methods as well as game consoles and accessories. Computer science students can also get information about growing markets for certain types of games; this information is useful for students who develop games and want to adapt them for use by the widest audiences.


QCon is a technology symposium that software developers use to share information about the latest techniques, methodologies and issues faced within their profession. QCon is a global technology workshop, and the location of its venues change annually. Common feedback among employers is that new graduates do not understand the real world challenges faced by companies well enough to make significant professional contributions to project teams upon hire. Computer science students who attend QCon are able to interact with project managers, senior software developers and system architects to find out exactly what will be expected of them when it is time for them to formally enter the workforce.


GOTO is another technology symposium that allows software engineers to share knowledge on the latest technical solutions, software development methods and best practices that work on real world problems. Many of the topics covered in modern computer science degree program curricula are addressed at GOTO’s yearly meetings. For example, computer science students learn about computer system architecture, software project management, various programming languages and information security in their chosen elective classes. Some GOTO topics of the past included development in Javascript and the practical use of Agile project management methods.

Gartner CIO Symposium and ITxpo

Even though the technology symposium that is sponsored by Gartner caters to corporate leaders and decision makers, nearly everyone can benefit from the workshop lectures given by top industry executives that help to bridge the gap between business needs and technological capabilities. The exhibits also display some of the latest technology that is on the market as well as research and development efforts that are in the pipelines of certain technology companies. While attending the Gartner CIO Symposium, computer science students are exposed to the topics that affect key corporate IT decision makers.


The technology presented at industry sponsored workshops can inspire computer science students with innovative ideas for class projects and even inventions. These symposiums also help them to identify areas that interest them as they relate to future careers and advanced degree specializations. When a student fully engages in these events, a technology conference can also help facilitate introductions between a computer science student and their future employers.