Computer Science TeacherIf your dream career is to teach undergraduate computer science students in college or university settings, you must complete a certain level of education so that you are prepared to be an educator and a knowledgeable computer science expert. As an instructor helping computer science students grasp theory and other concepts, you must have a passion for these topics. If the passion is already present, the next step is to earn the appropriate degree so that you are qualified to be a professor in the computer science field. Read on, and learn what degree programs that you can choose from.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

The very first step that you will need to take after you have earned a high school diploma is to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program in the field. The undergraduate program will help you build a foundation of knowledge in computer science and related subjects. For the first 2 years of the program, you will complete general education courses in mathematics, humanities, and science. After that, you will take core coursework in computer science so that you are prepped for a graduate level program that is required to become a professor. It can be very helpful in the future to minor in education so that you can learn how to be a talented educator as well.

Complete an Internship for Teaching Experience

While you study for your Bachelor’s degree, you should consider applying for on-campus internships so that you can get teaching experience while you immerse yourself in the field. One of the best internship projects that you can apply for is a teaching assistant for a professor in computer science. This will give you applicable experience in both areas and can help you meet professional experience requirements.

Enroll in a Graduate Degree Program

The very next step will be earning a terminal graduate degree majoring in Computer Science. You cannot expect to teach undergraduate students if you yourself have only recently passed the same program. Before you will be equipped to deal with the advanced questions you might be asked, you will need an advanced understanding of the field. A master’s program will take 2 years to complete and is focused on an in-depth study of computer science. Some of the courses that you will take before you can receive your degree include: Computer Architecture, Introduction to Operating Systems, Computer Networking, Network Security, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Programming Languages, and Artificial Intelligence.

When You May Need your PhD

You may not be done with your education after you earn a Master’s of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) degree. Once you are officially the alumni of a graduate program, you may need to apply to a postgraduate program to earn a PhD before the leading colleges will even consider to hire you. Community colleges that offer only 2-year undergraduate degrees will hire applicants with an MSCS, but universities will prefer a doctoral applicant who is a PhD and who has been taught how to effectively educate college students.

Unlike primary and secondary teachers, you do not typically need a certification to instruct college programs. Instead, you must meet post-secondary degree requirements and check to see if an occupational certification is a must. Since there is an exploding demand for computer science education, demand for professors is projected to grow. Decide if you want to complete advanced programs to teach undergraduate computer science courses, and then you can start planning.