Computer EngineeringThese days, a variety of internships are available in computer engineering. If you are a computer science student or are thinking of switching into the field, consider these different options for computer engineering internships.

Getting an internship is a very wise decision for students. It allows you to try many different tracks within computer science and engineering. If at all possible, try internships in several different areas; this is a great way to find out what interests you most, according to the University of Washington.

Machine Learning

If you are interested in data manipulation, then you may want to try a machine learning or data analysis position. You will build complex models that help computers analyze data more efficiently. A good working knowledge of statistics and databases will be necessary for this type of internship. There are a number of data analysis courses and degrees that you can get to prepare for this track.

Web Development

Web development is a common entry point for many software developers. There is less of a startup cost than working on larger server-side projects, so many self-taught programmers will begin in this domain. In order to find an internship in this field, you will need to know a web framework very well, and be able to work with several of the most popular programming languages such as python or ruby.

Java Engineers

There are plenty of internships for junior java developers. Java programmers are in high demand, and many new graduates choose other fields; in short, there is a high demand and low supply. By becoming a junior java developer, you can set yourself up for high compensation early on. In order to get an internship in this field, you need to have a strong knowledge of java and lower-level programming techniques. While many current programs prepare students to use high-level languages well, java development will challenge you to think on a more detailed level about how computers work.

Hardware Internships

While many computer science and engineering students are choosing to enter software tracks, there are still many opportunities for students who are interested in working with hardware. You may work with the physical components or the electrical engineering aspect of computers. To be placed in this type of internship, you may need to go through your college and be able to show that you have adequate training.

How to Find Internships

In order to get a good internship as a computer software engineer, you will first need to have some work posted online so that employers can find you. If you don’t have any kind of portfolio, consider building a website or app on your own and posting it to the internet. You could also try joining an open source project. You would be able to work on small parts of the code and then post it to your personal website to start building a reputation.

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Networking will also help you find the perfect computer science internship. As logn as you can show that you know what you are talking about, you should have many opportunities since there are many internships available in computer engineerings.