computerscienceHave you always dreamed of becoming a software developer? If you are interested in entering a growing field that is projected to grow 30 percent by the year 2020, now is the time to enter a degree program so that you can develop the skills you need to develop software and mobile applications. With employment growth predicted to grow so quickly and the current shortage for talented and trained software developers, enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree program with a focus on Software and Mobile Applications Development is a very smart decision for your future. Committing just 3 to 4 years of your time to school, will turn into a lifetime of good employment opportunities where you can earn an average of $90,530 per year. If you are wondering just what you will learn in this specialized Bachelor of Science program, read on and find out.

A Software Engineering Degree That Prepares you for the Dynamic Field of Software Development

Software development is one of the many fields in Information Technology that changes on a regular basis. With new technologies being created on a regular basis, you need to acquire all of the skills that will help you keep up with the field as development techniques change. As you are probably know, software development goes well beyond computer applications for private and commercial use. In today’s modern day and age, software developers need to be able to design software applications that can be used on laptops, PCs and on mobile devices like phones, tablets, and pocket PCs.

With so many different operating systems and platforms available to choose from, it is important to choose a Bachelor’s degree program that focuses on solutions for every platform. The BS in Software and Mobile Applications Development will put the principles of computer sciences to use as you create, evaluate, and test applications for various platforms including iOS, Windows, and Android.

A Computer Science Degree That Will Take You Places

You might be wondering why you should pursue a degree in Software and Mobile Applications Development rather than just taking a general Computer Sciences program. While a Computer Sciences degree will teach you the basic principles and skills that you will need to enter various fields of Information Technology, a Software & Mobile Applications Development degree is career-focused and designed to prepare you for the field of software development. If you choose a program from a reputable school, the curriculum will help prepare you for today’s job market so that you can compete against other candidates who do not have such a career-focused degree. Once you earn your degree, you can apply to become a software developer, a software engineer, a mobile application developer, a computer programmer, and even a project manager.

If you want to take your career places, earn your Bachelor’s degree with a focus on software development. Committing a few years of your life can increase your earning potential and also open up new opportunities. With the demand for computer software only expected to grow, the field has a positive outlook and is outperforming a majority of other fields in the nation. This is a fact that can drive you to make the right decision.