A Bluetooth brick is a short-range communications device that will broadcast any amount of information needed using a Bluetooth signal. It may be used to offer updates to people who work in an office, or it may be connected to a network that will offer updates on items such as weather or storm patterns. There are several options for those who wish to use bricks, and this article talks through why they may be helpful.

What Does The Brick Do?

The Bluetooth brick is a small device that will send information using the common Bluetooth technology. It may connect to any device that has a Bluetooth receiver, and it will send information that it is designed to send using its proprietary software. The device may be set up in a ranger station to pick up the weather, or it may be set up in an office to send alerts to mobile devices or computers.

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How Is It Connected?

The device must be powered by a traditional power source, and it must be placed somewhere that allows access to every device in the office. Someone who wishes to run the device in their office must be quite thoughtful about where to place the device, and it must be left on at all times. There is an encryption that must be used to enter the Bluetooth network, and the company must keep the password private to ensure only its employees have access.

Receiving Information In Real-Time

The brick will receive information from a channel that the user has selected, and it will send the information when it is received. The person who requires a certain amount of information every day may have it come in passively through the brick, and they will find it quite simple to use the brick when they cannot check on their own. Setting up alerts on a device is simple, and the brick will come with app that helps the user connect to their information.

Bricks For Business

Businesses that wish to use the bricks must ensure they have updated information for their industry, and they may set up the brick to receive their wire communications every day. There are quite a few industries such as professional sports, oil and gas and futures that require a wire service, and the brick will offer instant access to the information that comes across the wire.

Purchasing Several Bricks

There are many instances in which several bricks must be used to receive several sets of information. The bricks will be used to help send in specific sets of information, and the bricks may be set up in different locations to reach the employees that need each piece of information. Someone who is searching for information may move near the brick that offers it, and they will see a constant stream of alerts.

Choosing the Bluetooth brick for basic communications and updates will ensure an office is far more efficient than it was before. Everyone in the building will have the information required to their do their job, and they will see alerts that allow them to take quick action on a new business deal. The brick is small, easy to set up and offers streaming information in real-time.