Computer EngineeringIf you find the fields of information technology and/or computer science interesting and want to pursue a career in either sector, you may have wondered what exactly is computer engineering. Below you will obtain an answer to this question and several others that pertain to the field of computer engineering.

Computer Engineering – A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, computer engineering is basically a discipline that functions as the conjunction of several sectors within the fields of computer science and electrical engineering. The primary technical fields of computer engineering are:

  • Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Machine intelligence
  • Design automation
  • Biomedical
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computer software

Computer Engineers – Roles and Responsibilities

Because the work of computer engineering is accomplished by computer engineers, understanding the types of roles and responsibilities these individuals fulfill will help you gain a broader awareness of the field. People who work within the field of computer engineering develop computer software and hardware and generally have training in the fields of software design, electronic engineering, and software-hardware integration in addition to electronic engineering and software engineering. Computer engineers play an integral role in several software and hardware aspects of the computing process, including the creation of individual supercomputers, personal computers, and microprocessors.

While the aforementioned roles and responsibilities can provide you with a deeper awareness of what computer engineers do, the depth and scope of their work is broader than this. In addition to performing the tasks listed above, computer engineers strategize ways to make computers smaller, faster, and more functional. Oftentimes, the work of computer engineers encompasses improving their ability to “think” and “see.” In light of technological advancements that have led to the popularity of mobile devices, computer engineers place primacy upon making computer devices more mobile. Additionally, many individuals within this sector strategize ways to incorporate computers into clothing and fabric.

Computer Engineering – Career Opportunities

Individuals who obtain a degree in computer engineering oftentimes earn the highest starting pay within the engineering sector. Working within this field brings the added benefit of allowing the computer engineer to choose between positions in the hardware and software sectors,or blending these two sectors. Some of the industries that will typically hire computer engineers include:

  • financial services
  • computer manufacturers
  • chemical companies
  • defense contractors
  • consulting
  • transportation
  • manufacturing
  • consumer goods

It is also important to note that computer engineers can also work successfully for both small start-ups as well as large, multinational businesses.

Software Developers

Software developers are individuals who create computer programs. Some software developers create the applications that enable people to complete specific tasks on personal computers or electronic devices. Typically, software developers obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science and possess strong skills in computer programming. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers earn an average annual salary of $93,350.

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If you have thought about pursuing a career in computer engineering, you should note that doing so can be economically rewarding in addition to personally fulfilling. Now that you know what computer engineering is, you can determine whether this would be an appropriate and advantageous career path for you to pursue.