In today’s highly high-tech world, new types of technology are born on a daily basis. The use of machines is ever increasing to help provide consumers with easier alternatives to both mundane and complicated tasks. To improve the effectiveness and capabilities of new machines and improve existing devices, artificial intelligence is growing at a very fast rate that enables machines to learn on their own. Many individuals and organizations are asking the question, “What is machine learning?”


Machine learning is a subcategory of computer science that was derived from the study of computational learning theory and pattern recognition in artificial intelligence. It is a sort of artificial intelligence that enables computers and related devices with the capability to learn without the use of external programming. It emphasizes the design and implementation of computer programs that can independently learn to grow, change, and adapt when presented with new data. The programs learn from previous calculations to generate consistent results and decisions. It investigates the study and structure of algorithms that can learn and make predictions from current information.


Supervise learning and unsupervised learning are the two most commonly used methods in the area. Semi-supervised learning and reinforcement learning are two other methods that are occasionally utilized. Supervised learning algorithms are taught using specific examples. The computer learns a general rule that connects the examples together. The method uses various techniques, such as classification, prediction, regression, and gradient boosting to use patterns to calculate the principles of the unknown aspect. This method is often used in applications where past data estimates future outcomes.

Unsupervised learning is using in applications with no previous data. The algorithm must figure it out on its own. It works effectively with transactional information. It is also used to recommend items, recognize data outliers, and divide text topics. Semi-supervised learning is a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning, as it uses both labeled and unlabeled information for training. Reinforcement learning is commonly used for gaming, navigation, and robotics. This algorithm uses trial and error methods to reach a specific goal. It has three main parts: the agent, the actions, and the environment and the objective is for the agent to select actions that maximize the projected award over a specified amount of time.


Learning for machines plays a major role in many businesses and organizations in today’s economy. Many of the daily activities consumers participate in are fueled by these algorithms. A very common use of the technology is recognition of patterns, because the technology can be used to identify various types of images. Online retailers are able to provide relevant, instant offers and advertisements on websites. Financial institutions are able to provide constant fraud protection. Results from web searches are tailored to specific users. Email portals have the ability to filter out spam and junk mail as soon as the mailbox receives them. Organizations have the ability to quickly detect intrusion of secure network. Companies are able to predict malfunction and failures in equipment.

Due to new computing technologies, learning for machines today has significantly evolved from the past. Numerous algorithms now have the capability to automatically apply multifaceted mathematical computations to large data. As technology continues to advance, so will the area of machine learning.