While there are many wonderful degrees that an individual could opt to pursue, attaining a degree in Computer Science can be uniquely beneficial. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that pay for individuals with the degree can be competitive. If you have been thinking seriously about attaining a degree in Computer Science, you may be wondering what type of companies hire someone with the degree. By learning more about this and other matters that pertain to the Computer Science field, you can determine whether attaining a degree would be appropriate and advantageous for you. 

Computer Science-The Basics

Although broadly defined, Computer Science is the study of the use and principles of computers. More specifically, the field of Computer Science incorporates the structure, feasibility, mechanization, and expression of methodical processes which pertain to the storage, processing, and representation of information that is encoded in computer systems.

Attaining A Degree In Computer Science

If you find yourself fascinated with computers and the world of Computer Science, you may be thinking about getting a degree in the field. There are a variety of ways that you can accomplish this goal. In addition to opting for the traditional path of in-class learning, there are now several institutions that offer online courses which will enable you to attain a Computer Science degree via internet. Some of the standard courses you are likely to take while working towards your Computer Science degree include:

1. Linear Algebra
2. Calculus
3. Probability and Statistics
4. Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics
5. Differential Equations

Some of the advanced classes that you can expect to take include:

1. Theory of computation
2. Operating Systems
3. Numerical computation
4. Compilers
5. Real-time computing

Who Hires Someone With A Computer Science Degree?

Once an individual attains their degree in Computer Science, they can begin looking for a job within their field. There are a variety of employers who will be ready to hire an individual who holds a Computer Science degree. For example, any organization seeking to hire a business analyst-such as an internet technology company or thriving restaurant-might hire an individual with a Computer Science degree. Additionally, any business or company that requires the input and assistance of a network engineer-such as a learning institution-will likely hire an individual with a degree in Computer Science. As made plain by the information listed above, the type of company that is willing to hire you is contingent upon what position you are applying for. In discussing careers that individuals with Computer Science degrees can pursue, Alison Doyle lists the following top 10 job titles:

1.Software Engineer
2.Systems Engineer
3.Software Developer
4.Java Developer
5.Business Analyst
6.NET Developer
7.Web Developer
8.Systems Administrator
9.Project Manager
10.Network Engineer

Doyle also lists the top 10 companies that are hiring people with Computer Science degrees:

Top 10 Companies Hiring
3.General Dynamics
7.ManTech Int’l Corp.
10.Northrop Grumman

Other Things To Consider

In addition to considering who you are likely to be hired by with a Computer Science degree, you should think about the job outlook for people in the field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a computer support specialist earns about $46,260 while a computer systems analyst earns around $77,740.


If you are thinking about attaining a degree in Computer Science, you should know that doing so can be a prudent decision. By considering the information listed above, you can make an informed  decision regarding whether pursuing a career in Computer Science would be right for you. Good luck!

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