Computer Science JobsInformation systems is a popular career field, because it is used within the operations of every business, and the types of computer science jobs in information systems have much to offer today’s information technology (IT) professionals. The field of information systems marries business operations and principles with technology. Sometimes business issues can be resolved with non materiel solutions like organizational policy changes. When business problems cannot be solved with changes to organizational behavior, senior managers often turn to those with IT skills for information systems solutions. Here are some popular computer science jobs in information systems.

Business Analyst

Opportunities for business process improvements are often first recognized by an organization’s business analysts. These professionals use standard business analysis methods to examine a company’s processes from an enterprise level. They use statistical analysis, computerized business models and simulations to identify area’s of improvement and to recommend integrated solutions. Sometimes these solutions require policy changes or modifications by operations managers to the order in which work activities are conducted within specific company departments. When appropriate, business analysts suggest installing computer systems like enterprise resource or customer relationship management systems to improve operations and customer service.

Computer Systems Analyst

The results of a business analyst’s work often provide the justification for senior managers to move forward on IT solutions. However, many do not have the technical knowledge to choose among a myriad of automated tools on the market. Because selecting the wrong solution wastes money and can possibly impair critical operations, these managers wisely use their skills to market and fund customized solutions for their enterprise that are identified by computer systems analysts. The types of IT solutions that are recommended by computer systems analysts are commercial off the shelf enterprise systems, software upgrades or a complete system of original design.

Computer Support Specialist

No matter how many times computer systems analysts attempt to design efficient, user-friendly IT business systems, there are still times when users need help performing operations. Computer support specialists provide technical assistance to users whether they are experiencing a genuine system problem or a common operator error, according to Career Planning. The help desk support functions that computer support specialists provide benefit internal users or business customers. These IT professionals also help department managers create help desk policies and procedures regarding the quality and timeliness of technical support responses. These types of accountability measures help businesses gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the market place.

Information Security Analysts

Many of today’s businesses use IT systems to process financial transactions and other personal information for their clients. These companies have usually gained their customers’ trust, because of their reputations for quality brands. However, these companies run the risk of having their reputations tarnished when their sophisticated information systems are compromised by even smarter hackers. Before this scenario plays out, most savvy senior managers enlist the help of information security analysts to build up a good defense around their valuable information systems assets. These information security analysts develop company wide computer security policies, install security software on networked IT assets and monitor computer networks for suspected security breaches.

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Working in information systems requires a thorough knowledge of both the business environment and a variety of technical tools, applications and systems. These IT professionals must apply advanced problem solving, analytical and communication skills to succeed at the different types of computer science jobs in information systems.