Computer Science JobsWhen hiring managers fill various types of computer science jobs in Management Information Systems they look for professionals with both technical skills and business savvy. Business undergraduate or advanced degrees in Management Information Systems are designed to give business students a theoretical information technology (IT) background so that they may eventually manage computer related projects successfully. With the right entry level position, these professionals gain valuable computer experience that will help them to grow into a variety of computer science related positions. Here are some of the computer science jobs that management information systems majors qualify to do after gaining some initial technical work experience.

Computer Systems Analyst

When senior leaders decide to modify their computer systems to improve operations or solve a business problem, they need computer systems analysts to design the technical solutions for these issues. This type of computer science job falls under the category of Management Information Systems, because the analyst must be familiar with the technical aspects of the computer system while understanding the larger business problems that prompt the change. Without knowledge of the enterprise business problem that must be solved, a technical expert runs the risk of designing a solution that does not meet the business requirement.

Data Analyst

IT professionals with academic backgrounds in Management Information Systems have more than likely studied course topics relating to enterprise data management and business intelligence systems. This knowledge coupled with some hands on experience qualifies them for the computer science related position of data analyst. A data analyst examines a set of data using quantitative methods and tools to determine business trends. According to Chris Morris a writer for CNBC, the data analyst position is one of the hottest on the employment market.

Management Information Systems Project Manager

One of the most popular computer science jobs in Management Information Systems is the Management Information Systems Project Manager position. This job requires thorough technical knowledge of computer systems as well as managerial skills. These managers use leadership abilities to coordinate the successful delivery of an efficient and effective technical solution. Management Information Systems Project Managers are responsible for system planning, design, development, testing and production.

Network Administrator

Another computer science position in Management Information Systems that is in frequent demand by businesses in all industries is the network administrator job. Modern businesses rely heavily on computer networks to remain competitive in the market so they need the help of network administrators to smoothly maintain network operations. These professionals have expert knowledge of both hardware and software system components of networks.

Information Systems Manager

Information Systems Managers are usually senior level IT professionals who conduct system analysis and planning at the enterprise level. They are usually responsible for a number of related computer systems while managing both people and projects. While network administrators also oversee various system components without having much contact with network users, information systems managers interact with a variety of stakeholders. The person who holds this position usually is responsible for deploying elegant system designs that include powerful information security features.

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While some people with Management Information Systems degrees prefer business management related employment, some view computer science jobs as challenging ways to increase job responsibilities and pay. The described types of computer science jobs in management information systems offer both compelling work and competitive pay.