An area that focuses on understanding computation and making the process of using computers more intelligent and efficient, computer science jobs have defied the recent economic slowdown as the number of related job openings is expected to continue to increase into 2020. The government specifically has a growing need for computer science degree holders as societies around the world make the shift to integrating computer technology into more of their daily functions. Computer science graduates at all levels will find that there is a need for their skill set in various segments within the government sector.

National Security Agency

Due to the massive volume of computer data the NSA handles, the government agency has a tremendous need for computer scientists. Individuals who have specialized skills in Computer Network Operations, Database Management, Web Design, Computer Graphics, Information Assurance, Vulnerability Discovery, and a variety of other areas are in high demand at the NSA. These positions generally involve working with classified information, processing, and interpreting data.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI recruits computer science professionals to work on the cyber aspects of investigations. Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelors degree or any other degree with at least 30 semester hours of math, statistics, and computer science courses. The agency utilizes computer science workers in its effort to combat threats that are posed by cyber terrorists who wish to attack the nation’s computer infrastructure. Goals of computer scientists who work for the FBI include determining the source of the threat or attack and finding out the attacker’s motive.

Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA houses one of the most extensive data processing centers in the entire world. In addition to processing data, the CIA is also constantly working on developing leading edge technologies to support the agency’s mission of gathering intelligence. Therefore, computer science professionals are needed in various departments. The agency recruits people who have education in computer-based fields and also favors applicants who have study or work-related experience in international affairs and business.

Internal Revenue Service

The IRS employs a variety of individuals with computer-based educational and work backgrounds. Computer science specialists specifically work on building and maintaining the computer infrastructure the IRS uses to carry out its duties. Research, design, and policy development and implementation are different components of the computer science worker’s role in the organization.

Government agencies at the state and federal levels require computer science professionals to build, research, and implement different aspects of their computer networks. As the world that increasingly utilizes digital technology, more computer scientists will be needed to keep pace with the demand a government that is technologically savvy and innovative. In many cases, government agencies hire graduates who have earned a bachelor degree in computer science or who have completed a four year degree in another area with a concentration in computer-based courses. However, the more education and work or internship experience a computer science job candidate has, the more competitive he or she will be. Nevertheless, the government sector generally has more than enough openings for qualified applicants, and government agencies often hire on a rolling basis.

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