csComputer Science degrees are a hot choice for individuals looking for a career path with excellent growth and practical application. Most computer science programs are rigorous and cover a wealth of information. This can leave students wondering how much they will be expected to retain. 

The nature of computer science involves building on the basic concepts to create more advanced programs. While the breadth of study is large, the information all ties together so it is easy to retain. In general, employers will expect new graduates to have mastered the concepts of computer science and be able to apply them to new situations.Because students are able to choose a variety of concentrations within the field of computer science, they have some flexibility on what they must know. Students often have the opportunity to pursue individual projects in a narrow field of interest, which they can then use as a credential to help market themselves to employers. However, the skills listed below are also expected by most employers.

Programming Languages

The main thing that employers will expec from you is that you are comfortable using several different major programming languages. You will not need to be an expert in alll of the languages, but you need to be comfortable enough with them so that you can do most tasks as well as research and complete more advanced tasks in a timely manner.

Companies that use special programming languages or software will usually provide on the job training to help you become familiar with the new information.

Data Structure

Once you have completed your degree in computer sciences, an employer will expect you to have a good amount of knowledge on data structure. You would need to be able to create algorithms for most tasks that fit the company needs.


You will need to have a skill set for creating and rendering graphics. This will be different than strictly designing graphics; you will usually be given a vision or even a completed graphic and expected to integrate it into the program that you are deveoping. So your job will be on the programming side of the graphics, not on the creative side.


There is a lot of information to gain out of a computer science degree. The specific skills required by a specific company are dependent on the company’s needs. However, in general a company will expect a freshly graduated employee to have a good, general grasp of most computer programming tasks as well as a deeper understanding of a few areas.

Students would be wise to do research and decide which fields of computer science they are most interested in joining in the future. During their school years, they can then focus on those topics and become experts in the techniques. This will give the students a leg up when it comes to working for a company in that field, since they will have a lot of talent to showcase.

In general, learning in a computer science degree is around taking in the basic concepts that will allow an employee to build their skills in the future. So employers expect only that a person have the building blocks that allow them to think critically about computer science and apply their knowledge to new and diverse projects.

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