With the advancement of technology based operations, the importance of having a strong information technology system has become greater and greater. Day to day operations rely on networking systems for continued productivity and consistency of work. Network and information technology system operations alone are quite involved and requires a very diverse playing field. The most common tasks for those in the information technology field are desktop operations and system administration but also security, data operations, system maintenance, and network connectivity play important roles. While many may perceive their IT department as desk jockey geeks that work in a climate-controlled environment, this is far from the case.

Role of the IT Manager or Director

Depending on the size of the company and the network itself, it is up to the IT Manager to oversee all operations of the information technology infrastructure. This includes many of the aspects noted above as well as playing a pivotal role in being a team leader for junior technicians, analysts, and administrators. The IT Manager rarely performs daily checklist tasks such as conducting backups or server checks but rather manages, directs, and plans such operations. Acting as a liaison or department head to ranking executives, the IT Manager is responsible for compliance checks and reports directly to the executives when requests are made.


Demand for IT Managers

With the high demands of the workplace and diverse nature of the information technology environment, highly qualified managers are in great demand. A minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Science or related technology degree with a range of 7-10 years experience in the field is often required. Specialized certifications are recommended but are often waived in lieu of the degree and experience in the field. Well qualified IT Managers can expect salaries into six-digit figures while the median wage is around $85,000 a year.


Companies that are Hiring IT Managers

Forbes Magazine recently reported the top companies that are hiring in the information technology field. Amazon.com is currently one of the top firms hiring with 2400 positions available. Several of which are openings for IT Management or equivalent positions. Followed by Oracle with 2300 positions, Microsoft with 2100 positions, and Dell with just over 1800 positions available. Government contracts are also on the hotbed of technology hiring as a handful companies load up with staff capable of getting a security clearance. SAIC is hiring 1500 people. Lockheed-Martin has 1400 jobs available. HP with 1300 government contract positions are ready to fill. On the lower end of the list, government technology system builders Northrop-Grumman and CSC are seeking a combined total of about 2000 experienced technicians, managers, and engineers to their staff.While it may seems that government contract jobs have all the aces in the deck, there are still several companies in your local area that are seeking strong, qualified IT Managers to run their network system. In many cases that IT Manager will be the go-to guy for just about any IT, and sometimes not IT, related questions. These are your opportunities to shine and make a difference with a company. IT Managers perform a vital role within the company infrastructure and are in high demand.