Are you interested in becoming a talented computer software programmer for a huge software giant or an organization? If you want to succeed, you will need to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science or another related Information Technology field. While you will cover a variety of different topics, if you want to understand the science behind making a program with the complex object-oriented software design, you may be wondering if the degree program you select will prepare you and teach you the principles and patterns you will need to know to be an asset in the field. If you want to be able to troubleshoot software program problems within a business, or if you would like to design programs professionally, read on and learn whether or not a Computer Science degree program will get you adequately prepared.

How Important is it to Know Object-Oriented Software Design Principles?

If you want to become a programmer or a developer of any kind, you need to not only know object-oriented software design principles, you need to understand this software architecture, the patterns, the shapes, and how the architecture interconnects with the modules that make the software program function. If you are not familiar with this type of software architecture, you cannot design a clean and elegant program or redesign an application that is not functional or full of bugs.

Even entry-level IT professionals will use the principles that are taught in an IT degree program relating to object-oriented class design. Businesses specifically use this design because the application can be designed so that it can be extended without having to change a lot of the source code just to change what aspects of the application does. You might understand that Object-Oriented Software Design and all of the principles unique to this type of structure is one that you need to know, but do all Computer Science degrees teach this imperative skill to students?

Which Computer Science Degree Should You Apply to?

When you are browsing through different Associate, Bachelor, and Graduate degree programs, you should take a look at the required curriculum and verify that the institution and the degree program itself are accredited by the appropriate accreditation bodies. When you choose an accredited program, this means that the curriculum and the instruction meet the high standards set by the board. If you are set on learning about software development and design so that you can build your object-oriented software design skills, you will happy to hear that the standards set by accreditation bodies require that classes cover this topic and a wide range of other topics including how to write code, database design, and systems programming. The courses on software design will prepare you to apply for software development and programmer positions.

The need for qualified software engineers and developers has grown dramatically, with the Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicting that there will be 30% job growth by 2020. You may have self taught skills, but take your time to learn the core principles in a reputable school so that you can succeed in the field and compete against other candidates who hold a Computer Science degree.