Some people with an interest in computer science are looking for programs that will teach them the practical skills needed to earn a great living. While general computer skills are great and easily transferable, coding and programming skills are in high demand. Those students who can learn SQL or Java code have an opportunity to work as database professionals, web developers, or even coders for a large company. Many of the best computer science degree programs teach at least one of these coding languages, and students who want to make sure they’ll learn these things will take specialized courses.

Computer Science Programs and SQL

The majority of high-end computer science programs give their students a crash course in SQL. Though there are other programming languages that could help a computer professional down the road, SQL is one of the most common and one of the easiest to learn. This is why colleges teach it, as they look to prepare their students to step out into the world of coding. Many programs will have a specialized SQL class that students can choose to take if they elect to go that route. Many will include this instruction in their basic classes even for students who don’t want to get specialized.

Finding a Program with Java Instruction

Finding a computer science program that offers Java instruction can be a little bit more difficult than finding one that focuses on SQL. Because Java is a bit more complicated and more difficult to teach, it often requires a more intensive class. This is why some colleges shy away from it, and they’re unable to fit it into their general computer science classes. This does not mean that people who want to learn it are hung out to dry. Many master’s programs will offer Java-related courses. Likewise, students who are serious about learning and have the time to dedicate to the task can take a Java-only course either online or through a technologically savvy college. This can be a great supplement for people who want to add to the value of their computer science degree.

Master’s Degree Options Provide the Ability to Choose

Many students are not comfortable with just learning a bit of SQL or Java in their undergraduate program. Because so many jobs in the high-tech industry require students to be proficient at the languages, it can pay to invest time and money in a higher level program that teaches these skills. Many master’s degree programs provide specific courses in programming that teach these languages and a few more. Students who truly want to add to their marketability to will take this leap. As Leslie Stevens-Huffman writes in her article for Dice, students can become add earning potential to their lives when they opt for high-end programming courses.

If you’re a computer science student interested in getting the most out of your degree program, then it pays to learn at least one coding language. While many programs offer an SQL option and some offer a Java course, serious students can enhance their education by taking a coding course at the higher levels.