Finding a job in this economy is extremely challenging, maybe more so than ever before. But, what does one do once one gets a job offer and begins their first technology job? One wants to be a stand-out employee and make sure they can do all they can as soon as possible to be the best employee possible and to make sure the employer knows they made the right choice.

1. Introduce Yourself to Everyone
This first tip should be done in one’s first few days at a job, introduce oneself to everyone. If one is working in a larger organization this may not be feasible, but be sure to introduce oneself immediately to everyone one is working with directly. This is good to begin to build a relationship with one’s co-workers and to learn what everyone is does in the company. For example, if one is a network engineer, one would know it would be best to direct any network-related questions to them. It also is good to get to know them to make one;s workplace a more enjoyable environment when one gets along with one’s co-workers.

2. Ask Questions
The old saying is “There are no dumb questions” and that is absolutely true. Especially when one is brand new to an organization, there is much to learn about how things are done. As a new employee, it is crucial to ask questions early on for several reasons. First, it shows an employee is interested in learning and being a better employee for the organization.  Secondly, it shows one’s employer that they are not afraid to speak-up and be assertive to ask for something to make them better at their job.

3. Watch and Learn from Others
Take the time to observe how one’s co-workers work, and how the organization as a whole operates. This provides an opportunity to see people who have been working in the organization for a while and pick up some tips and best practices to be better at one’s job.  If time permits, shadow someone who’s been doing your new job for a while and see how they do their job.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New
This tips does come with a caveat however, be sure to check with one’s supervisor before doing it. Doing something a different way than normal can make one more efficient and or more productive, but there may be a specific reason things are done a specific way. There may also be reasons know only to someone who has worked at the company for sometime as to why a new method wouldn’t work.

5. Take Notes
The first few weeks or even months at a job, a new employee is constantly learning processes and procedures, both important information about doing one’s job to less important information like the WiFi Password or where co-workers like to order food. It is a great idea to write down all this vital information into a trusted system whether it be a notebook or electronic. As mentioned in many previous articles, Evernote is a great system for this information as it is available on all of one’s devices and easily searchable to be easily found later.


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