Computers are extremely important in today’s society, and there are a large variety of universities that offer accredited computer science degree programs in Arizona that are offered depending on what a person wants to specialize in. If working in the field of computer science is what you are looking for, here are accredited computer science degree programs that are offered in the state of Arizona.

Arizona State University

IRA A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and College of Technology and Innovation

IRA A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and the College of Technology and Innovation are set apart from other schools because of the fact that they offer not only undergraduate degrees but graduate degrees as well. They pride themselves on providing their students with innovative instruction, state of the art facilities, and hands on experience.

B.S. in Computer Science

The B.S. in Computer Science degree will allow students to gain careers in a variety of different fields from computer and software design to the development of information technologies.

Program Outcomes:

  • Students woud have demonstrated the ability to tackle challenging computing problems using a comprehensive knowledge of computer science.
  • They learn to demonstrate the ability of analyzing and solving complex technical problems from a broad prospective of computer science.
  • Graduates learn to function as both leaders and collaborative team members.
  • Communicating efftively to all constituencies and upholding professional and ethical conduct become second nature to the graduates.
  • Students learn to be engaged in life long learning in order to maintain currency in an every changing field.

Master’s of Science in Computer Science (4+1 in Computer Science)

This program is designed for students that are already currently admitted in the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science. Once having entered the 4+1 program, the student will be considered admitted to the Master’s of Science in Computer Science program. This program is a thesis program, and it may take more than a year of graduate work in order to be completed.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The student needs at least 75 credits completed.
  • They have to have a cumulative ASU GPA of 3.50 or higher.
  • It is required to have only 2 semesters left in their undergraduate program at the time of admissions into the program.
  • Unlike other programs, students will not be required to take the GRE.

M.S. in Computer Science

There are a lot of requirements needed in order to enter this program, but it is designed to help those students that are wanting to further their education and career in the computer science field.

Procedures for M.S. Students:

  • Students will have to complete every deficiency course with a “B” or higher within the first two terms.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to select a faculty advisor in their research area by the end of their first semester.
  • They will have to deliver one bound copy of their these to the graduate advisor and one bound copy to the faculty advisor.

Computer Science (PhD)

This program helps to prepare students to undertake both fundamental and applied research in computer science techniques that are designed in order to prepare them in academia, government, and industry.

Degree Requirements:

  • The entire program requires a total of 84 credit hours, a written comprehensive exam, and oral comprehensive exam, and a prospectus and a dissertation.
  • The PhD includes 12 to 18 credit hours of CSE 792 Research, and 12 credit hours of CSE 799 Dissertation.
  • Area courses are not allowed to include CSE 598 courses.


  • ABET
  • North Central Association Higher Learning Commission (NCAHLC).

CIDSE Main Office
Brickyard Engineering (BYENG) 553
699 S Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 480-965-3190

Northern Arizona University

College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northern Arizona University prides itself on giving all of its students a top notch education. They bring to the table a well trained staff and great facilities and environment for their students to thrive and succeed in. It is their place to make sure that all of their students are led down the right path for the career path they wish to follow.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The bachelor of science in computer science degree is designed to train students in the tools that they will need in order to start or further their careers in a variety of different job opportunities from software consulting, graphics and game development, and many other exciting career opportunities.

Degree Requirements:

  • The student has to meet all of North Arizona University’s requirements in liberal studies, diversity, junior-level writing, and capstone.
  • They need at least 30 units of upper-division courses, which may include transfer work.
  • There needs to be at least 30 units that were taken through Northern Arizona University. However students need to understand that the 30 units that are required for this degree requirement can be transferred from previous work.
  • Lastly, it is required that students have at minimum a 2.0 GPA on their work completed at Northern Arizona University, and this must happen before the student is accepted into the program.

Minor in Computer Science

Due to the demand of computer knowledge, the Minor in Computer Science program is designed to help any student gain that extra knowledge that will help them in their career regardless of what their major is.

Classes required for this program:

  • CS 126, CS 126L, CS 136, CS 136L, and CS 249 are required classes needed in order to receive a minor in computer science.
  • Students can choose to take either CS 248 or CS 395.
  • They will also need an additional 6 units of CS classes at the 200 level or higher with the approval of their computer science minor adviser.

Master of Science in Engineering (“MSE”)

This graduate program is built upon the overarching themes of sustainability and engineering design, with a core of common course work that permits specialization through selection of technical electives and a thesis topic. The student who is looking into this master’s program could have a background in a single discipline, like computer science, or they could breadth across multiple disciplines. This is up to the student and what it is they want to take out of the program with them.


  • The student must already have a Bachelor in Science degree in either engineering, computer science, or an equivalent, and they must have a 3.0 GPA or above in the last 60 hours of regular admission.
  • All applicants to the master’s program have to submit their scores from the GRE general examination.
  • All information must be submitted before March 1 for Fall semester admission, and September 15 for Spring semester admission.


  • Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET (CACABET)

Northern Arizona University
1200 S Beaver St
PO Box: 4084
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4084
Phone: 928-523-5511
Toll Free: 1-888-628-2968
Fax: 928-523-0226

University of Arizona

College of Science

The University of Arizona College of Science prides itself on the accumulation of a globally prominent faculty in a variety of disciplines within the scientific community. Their academic departments are known for their schools and units that encompass the range of physical, mathematical, environmental, cognitive and life sciences. They provide the resources and innovation needed to help the future scientists of the world regardless of science discipline sought after.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer Science is imperative knowledge to have in the current information age. In this program, students learn a variety of schools from designing computer networking protocols, create and distribute innovative softer, create novel programming languages, and a variety of other tasks that are required in order to continue to push the limits of high-performance computing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The core CS curriculum covers software development and design, object-oriented and systems programming.
  • Students are encouraged to take advantage of research opportunities that allow them to join with faculty and graduate students on cutting-edge computer science work.
  • The program offers advanced and elective courses that cover a wide-range of topics from databases to algorithm design.

Master of Science in Computer Science

This program is designed to offer students a strong academic preparation for work in industry and research. When choosing to take this degree, students will choose course work for the MS degree in consultation with their current advisers.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Students are required to earn A’s and B’s in all core courses. A C grade can only count towards an elective, and a course that is completed with a D cannot be used towards the degree.
  • They need a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • During the beginning of the student’s final semester, they are required to submit a Master’s/Specialist Plan of Study to the Graduate College.
  • Students who choose the course work MS option of the degree are required to attend a minimum of 10 colloquia during their tenure in the department in order to earn credit for the required one-unit colloquium.
  • There is a thesis option that is recommended for students that plan on continuing into the PhD program, because this option of study for their master’s will prepare them for the research that will be required for them to complete their PhD effectively.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

During this program, students will be required to complete course work, research, and examinations that will ultimately accumulate their dissertation and its defense. The program will be supervised by a doctoral committee. This committee must consist of at least three faculty from the Department of Computer Science, and they must all be University of Arizona tenured, tenure-track, or approved as equivalent, and on top of that, there has to be one faculty from the minor department as well.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This course requires a major that consists of 6 core courses, 2 additional CSE graduate courses, 4 research courses, and 1 colloquium. (All of the major requirements are expected to be completed before the student’s 5th semester portfolio.)
  • The core curriculum required for PhD students depends on when they entered into the program.


  • Qualifying Examination (Portfolio) is completed in the form of the student submitting their portfolio for review.
  • Comprehensive Examination (Thesis proposal) – This step consists of a written and oral part in both the major and minor fields.
  • Dissertation Defense – The dissertation represents an original and scholarly contribution to the discipline, approved by and defended before the doctoral committee.


  • ABET
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS)

College of Science Administration
Gould-Simpson Building, Room 1025
P.O. Box 210077
1040 E. Fourth Street, Room 1025
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0077
Phone: 520-621-4090
Fax: 520-621-8389

Computer science is an ever changing field that offers a variety of different types of careers and luckily there are a lot of inspiring accredited computer science programs in Arizona at some of Arizona’s top universities.