The Northeast is known for its beautiful New England coastlines and distinctive seafood cuisine, but the area is quickly gathering a reputation for its accredited computer science degree programs in New Hampshire. Historically, much of New Hampshire’s economy was centered around paper mills. However, shifts in consumer trends have highlighted the tech sector as a star performer in New Hampshire’s economy. With a growing number of businesses responding to this trend, the demand for skilled computer scientists continues to climb. New Hampshire schools partner with these businesses to bring its students challenging computer science degree curricula.

University Of New Hampshire

College Of Engineering And Physical Sciences

New England colleges serve their nation and community by educating future scientists and engineers for a variety of technical positions through accredited computer science degree programs in New Hampshire. The University Of New Hampshire’s (UNH) College Of Engineering And Physical Sciences (CEPS) operates as part of a research university that offers a variety of academic degree programs relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). While many science and engineering colleges remain aloof to the idea of 100 percent e-learning class room experiences, CEPS embraces online learning opportunities on select courses through its Far View Distance Learning program which expands the audience of students seeking quality STEM courses at the associate, undergraduate and graduate degree levels. The college even offers students STEM related doctoral degree programs, and there are competitive, merit based fellowships available for financial assistance. All students participating in the CEPS programs take advantage of newly renovated, state of the art laboratories, classrooms, libraries and special project work spaces. These high-tech facilities are not only great features for the students at UNH, but they have become well known resources for local industry partners.

Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science

UNH’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science is a comprehensive degree program that helps students to develop the problem solving, critical thinking and technical skills to build efficient computer systems for use in research and business settings. The curriculum is also broad enough to include courses that enhance the business communication and interpersonal skills that even technically competent professionals need to be successful in a modern work environment. The bulk of the courses taught within UNH’s B.S. in Computer Science degree program are computer engineering and mathematics related. Although hardware specific courses are taught within the program, its primary focus is to instruct students in designing and developing the software needed to run computer systems. UNH students participating in this computer science program have learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom and computer laboratory through study abroad and internship positions.

Minor in Computer Science

The field of information technology overlaps with nearly every other business industry, and many students want to learn more about computers than just how to operate them. For students who enrolled in other majors, the school’s Minor in Computer Science option offers detailed instruction on how computer systems process data and provide the technical solutions for business problems. This minor option gives students a solid foundation for participating in and communicating with technical teams in business environments which often makes them more competitive in the eyes of employers. Some required coursework that students participating in the Minor in Computer Science program take are two introductory computer science classes as well as a data structures course. Other course topics taken within this minor include software design, a variety of programming languages and an introduction to different operating systems. Participants in this program must take certain mathematics courses as prerequisites to graduate with an official minor in Computer Science.

Master of Science in Computer Science

For academically ambitious students who already have a B.S. in Computer Science, UNH’s graduate level computer science degree program helps them to advance their careers in industry or academia. The school’s Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science combines advanced theoretical and applied computer science concepts as a basis for its challenging coursework and projects. Graduate students have a choice among thesis, exam or a project on an approved research topic as a capstone for successful completion of the M.S. in Computer Science program. The touted key to success of this program is the experienced yet highly inquisitive faculty members who participate in leading research projects of their own that pertain to artificial intelligence, computer networks, parallel computing and business intelligence systems. Students participating in UNH’s M.S. in Computer Science degree program have opportunities to gain work experience and financial aid by working as teaching or research assistants; the choice between teaching or research assistant assignments is usually determined by the student’s career goals.


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UNH, which was ranked 44th out of a 117 universities surveyed by U.S. News and World Reports for Top Public Schools in 2014, offers a wide variety of quality computer science degree programs. For students ready to pursue an exciting, in demand STEM related career field, there are accredited computer science degree programs in New Hampshire.