When you love working with computers and sharing your love with others, you might consider looking at accredited computer science degree programs in New Mexico. Specifically designed for students just like you, these programs cover all areas of computer science. You can learn the skills that you need to work for the IT department of a major corporation, repair computers for private clients or even teach computer science to others. Regardless of your interest level, these programs will get you started on a path of success. With two colleges offering a range of courses and degree programs, you’ll find a great school.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Computer Science Department

The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, better known as New Mexico Tech to its students, offers several accredited computer science degree programs in New Mexico. Established in 1889, the college originally focused on preparing students for working in the mines that were in cities all across the southwest. It was one of the first colleges in the state that offered advanced degrees and courses in engineering and technology fields. Though New Mexico Tech later introduced new courses and offered classes outside of the engineering field, it retained its small class size and still has an enrollment of less than 2,000 students.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

New Mexico Tech offers several types of computer science degree programs. Its Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a program that combines practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge. Early courses teach students the fundamentals of how computers operate and what they can do with those devices. Students take electives, required general education courses and specialty courses to complete 130 credit hours. Those who successfully complete the program will leave knowing how to analyze computer programs and systems, the legal and ethical issues of working with computers, how to address complex issues relating to computer systems and how to further their research into the field. Students typically take eight semesters to complete the program. They take two full semesters each year and a half semester each summer. Courses in the computer science BS program include courses on computer architecture, formal computer languages, probability and statistics and software engineering.

Minor in Computer Science

Not all students enjoy working with computers enough to major in the field in college. If you have an interest in business or another topic and also want to study computers, consider declaring a minor in computer science at New Mexico Tech. The minor program lets you take some of the same courses that are available to those majoring in the field, but you typically take 18 to 21 credit hours of courses that may also count as the electives needed to complete your major. Students minoring in computer science learn the importance of the applications and programs that they run on their computers. Introduction to computer networks, principles of programming languages, software engineering and computer systems are courses that are open to minor students. You might also take a few classes on algorithms, calculus, chemistry or data structures to complete the minimum number of credit hours required for a computer science minor.

Master’s Program in Computer Science

Though New Mexico Tech is on the smaller side, it offers two different Master’s Programs in Computer Science. All students take the same required courses, but the school lets them choose between a thesis or a non-thesis degree track. Thesis students take 24 credit hours of advanced computer science courses. At least 15 of the credits they earn must come from courses listed as a 500 level or higher class, and students must also receive a minimum grade of a B in six of those courses. Students must also take CSE 585, which is a graduate seminar before taking CSE 591, which refers to the course credit they earn for finishing a thesis. Non-thesis students must complete an independent study project in lieu of a thesis. New Mexico Tech also requires that computer science graduate students take and pass a competency examination to demonstrate the knowledge they learned before continuing with the program.

P.h.D. Program in Computer Science

The highest degree that you can earn is a P.h.D, and New Mexico Tech offers its own P.h.D. in Computer Science. Though the school is selective with the students it admits into this program, you can apply for a spot and demonstrate your dedication to the subject matter with strong grades in lower level courses. Applicants must show that they took at least six upper level computer science courses, take and receive a high grade on the GRE and take a competency examination offered once a year by the college. P.h.D. programs also require the successful completion of a dissertation. Students spend a minimum of 24 credit hours working on and completing the dissertation. You’ll have the chance to defend your work in front of a panel of professors working for New Mexico Tech. The program also asks that students complete at least one seminar during their upper level studies.


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University of New Mexico

School of Engineering

The University of New Mexico operates several campuses across the state, but the largest campus in that school system is in Albuquerque. Established in 1889, the college opened thanks to an act of legislature, which called for a new school in the still floundering New Mexico area. As the university slowly expanded, it added a variety of programs and shifted its focus from granting certificates to granting degrees. U.S. News and World Report placed UNM at number 167 on its list of the top schools in the nation, and Washington Monthly ranked the school at number 179 on its own list.

Computer Science, BS

Earning your Computer Science BS at the University of New Mexico is an easy way to gain a better understanding of computer science and to keep up with the changing roles of those computers in our society. All students must take 51 credit hours of general courses and receive a grade of B or higher in each of those courses to remain in the program. In addition to the 51 credit hours of general computer courses, they also take 14 credit hours of math courses, nine credit hours of writing and communications courses, six credit hours of behavior and social sciences and six credit hours of humanities courses. Like many other colleges, UNM also asks that students either take at least one foreign language class or pass a foreign language equivalency class as a freshman. Graduates learn how to work with computers and remain on top of any new changes in the field.

Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of New Mexico is one of the oldest advanced degree programs of its type in the state. Established in the 1970s, the founders of the program realized the growing need for workers trained with computer skills and the ability to work with those new machines. Some of its former graduates worked for some of the top computer companies, designers and manufacturers in the world. Students have the chance to complete a thesis before graduating or take the non-thesis track. Non-thesis students typically take more classes and spend more time in the classroom, but they also have the option of completing an independent study. Thesis students take less courses and spend more time working on a final project or research paper before graduating. Most students enrolled in the program take courses on advanced operating systems, fundamentals of software testing and computer networks.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science

Though the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science isn’t as old as the Master’s program, it ranks as one of the best accredited computer science degree programs in New Mexico. This unique cooperative program lets students concentrate on any topic that interests them in the field of computer science. Even if the Albuquerque campus doesn’t offer courses on that topic, students can work with professors working for one of the other campuses in the UNM School System. Students can also select two different concentrations and work with faculty members from two or more campuses on their work. Students typically take one or more seminars, which cover a specific computer science topic not covered by their other courses. After finishing that seminar, they can take courses relating to their dissertations. UNM will award students up to 12 credit hours for the research, planning and writing that they do on their dissertations.


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Finding an accredited degree program ensures that the courses you take are worth something in the real world. Colleges that lack accreditation might not teach you the skills that employers look for and the ones you need later on. Accredited computer science degree programs in New Mexico let you enjoy life in the state while working on your degree.