Graduates from accredited computer science degree programs in Wisconsin have great job opportunities in their future. Computer science employees have the skills to work in a variety of job areas including: managing information systems, developing new digital technologies, designing software programs and administrating information technology departments. With these skills, qualified graduates find jobs within multiple industry sectors, such as research and education, engineering, logistics, life sciences, transportation, the military and all levels of government. Wisconsin’s post-secondary academic institutions have developed a variety of excellent, computer science programs to promote employment in this field.

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

College of Engineering & Applied Science

The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee has an educational vision based on its historical foundations to provide relevant learning experiences for students. UWM strives to do this by incorporating research, high achievement expectations, and real-world business partnerships into the curriculum of all of its academic programs.

One of UWM’s most dynamic schools is the College of Engineering & Applied Science. It collaborates with over 120 companies to provide co-op and internship experiences, which often lead to future job opportunities for participating students. Additionally, the college comes in at 124th on U.S. News and World Reports ranking of best engineering schools and offers some of the most highly regarded, ABET accredited computer science degree programs in Wisconsin.

Computer Science Major

The computer science major at UWM is offered as a bachelor of science degree which prepares graduates with a strong, technical background for competitive employment within the field. The curriculum offers programming in state-of-the-art facilities that covers cutting edge topics applicable to the workplace, which include:

  • Computer architecture and hardware.
  • Artificial intelligence and theory algorithms.
  • Databases and information systems.
  • Programming languages.
  • Networks and operating systems.
  • Computer graphics and human interface connections.
  • Information systems and computer security.
  • Medical and Biological Informatics
  • Software engineering.

All students study these topics but also choose one of these tracks as a focus of concentration. The curriculum requires completion of 120 credits from general education, natural science, math, computer science core classes and technical electives.

M.S. Program in Computer Science

Many graduates with a bachelor’s in computer science go on to earn master’s degrees in the field at employer’s request or to take advantage of job advancement opportunities. The M.S. program in computer science at UWM builds upon the foundations of the major offered through most bachelor’s programs. Students are eligible for enrollment if: they have an undergraduate degree in CS, or they hold non-CS degrees and demonstrate satisfactory completion of specified programming, math and computer science courses. Candidates can choose between a thesis or non-thesis option of study. The thesis program requires 30 hours of additional study above the bachelor’s degree, while the non-thesis degree requires 31 hours that culminates in a hands-on, work-related capstone project. Advisers usually help candidates decide which avenue of study is best suited to a stated career goals or current work environment.


  • Higher Learning Commission – North Central Association (HLC-NCA)
  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
College of Engineering & Applied Science
EMS Building, Room 1042
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-0784
(414) 229-4677
Computer Science, B.S.:
Computer Science, M.S.:

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

College of Letters & Science

As part of the cluster system of the University of Wisconsin, the Oshkosh campus reflects the heritage and core beliefs of UW while incorporating its own unique educational philosophies into its programs. These philosophies guide students towards the academic integrity, leadership principles, community participation, real-world experiences and sustainable practices necessary for a foundation for lifelong learning and career success. The school ranks 65th in U.S. News & World Report’s survey of regional universities in the Midwest. The College of Letters and Sciences offers 37 majors including one of the few, select ABET accredited computer science degree programs in Wisconsin.

Computer Science Major with Computer Science Emphasis (B.S.)

This ABET accredited program focuses on preparing graduates to work in-depth with computer graphics and the software and hardware components of computing systems. Graduates earn a Bachelor of Science in the field and often go on to work in research settings or scientific occupations. Coursework also prepares students to move forward with graduate study in the field. In addition to completing the university’s required undergraduate credits for a degree, students complete focused studies in computer science courses that emphasize:

  • Organization and design.
  • Theory of computing and algorithms.
  • Software engineering basics.
  • Operating systems and compilers.
  • Probability, statistics and calculus.
  • Computer science assessment.

Computer Science Major with Software Engineering Emphasis (B.S.)

The software engineering emphasis for the computer science major also earns graduates a Bachelor of Science degree. While following the same undergraduate program for degree completion, students with this emphasis focus their study on the design, development and maintenance of computer operating systems. Graduates with this particular computer science emphasis tend to pursue careers as software engineers, computer-based instrumentation specialists, systems analysts or programmers. Focused study is more mathematically oriented and includes study of:

  • Software engineering principles and algorithms.
  • Calculus or math for business analysis.
  • Integrated database systems.


  • Higher Learning Commission – North Central Association (HLC-NCA)
  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
College of Letters and Science
Halsey Science Hall
800 Algoma Boulevard
Oshkosh, WI 54901 8660
(920) 424-2068
Computer Science Majors:

Considering that computer science jobs are presently some of the top 100, fastest growing occupations in Wisconsin, it’s never been a better time for interested candidates to pursue a degree in the field. Whether creating innovative technology programs, analyzing and maintaining information systems or supervising IT departments, computer science graduates have a number of options for acquiring satisfying, sustainable jobs within the industry. Discover the contributions that can be made in this exciting career field by exploring what accredited computer science degree programs in Wisconsin have to offer.