Advantages of a Master’s Degree in Computer Science

• Increased Knowledge
• Broader Network
• Increased Earning Potential
• Career Advancement
• Ability to Teach

Individuals considering earning a graduate degree will be happy to know there are several advantages of earning a master’s degree in computer science. Although a master’s degree may add an additional two years of study and increase study debt, the advantages may very well overrule the disadvantages. Here are 5 advantages of earning a Master’s in Computer Science.

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1. Increased Knowledge

It definitely makes sense that the higher degree level a student gets, the more he or she is going to learn. Computer science programs teach students about computer programming, computer architecture, data structure, and algorithms. While they may learn about these things in both the bachelor and master degree programs, the graduate student is going to learn these things at a deeper level. The graduate student usually has more specialty areas from which to choose. Computer science master’s degree students also have more opportunities to participate in summer internships and research projects, both of which provide more knowledge and experience.

2. Broader Network

Networking is huge today in the business world. Social media has made it possible to do business with companies all the way across the world. Most of this is done through networking. Computer science professionals who earn master’s degrees will have more networking possibilities not just with other professors and students but also potential employers. They’re able to meet, work and learn with many more people.

3. Increased Earning Potential

Not to take anything away from the bachelor’s degree, but the more education a candidate has, the more opportunities he or she will have. Students who complete master’s degree programs are generally increasing their earning potential. According to the U.S. Department of Education, employees who have master’s degrees earn approximately 18 percent more over their lifetime than those with bachelor’s degrees. While 18 percent may not seem like a lot, when you’re looking at 30-40 years or work, it can add up to a substantial amount. They also stated it’s not unusually for computer science professionals to see $30,000 increase in salary after obtaining the master’s degree.

4. Career Advancement

With computers being such a large part of life, they’re used in most businesses. Computer science is very competitive field because everyone seems to want to be into some type of computer-related field. A graduate degree in computer science is going to be beneficial for an applicant who is competing for a popular computer job. The master’s degree is probably going to be more impressive than a bachelor’s degree especially if there is also work experience. In some situations, a master’s degree in the only way the student can get into a specific field. Some jobs require nothing less than a master’s degree. According to a Career Builder survey, 33 percent of employers are now requiring master’s degrees for jobs that previously were held by employees with bachelor’s degrees.

5. Ability to Teach

After people work at jobs for a while, they often feel they may be ready for a career change or just the opportunity to do something a little different. Many computer science professionals want to work in research or teach other students about computer science or some similar field. Earning the computer science master’s degree can help the individual meet the goal of teaching. Having a Master’s in Computer Science can give the applicant a good advantage. It’s usually also a basic requirement for this type of teaching job.

Candidates who earn master’s degree in computer majors seldom regret their decision to do so. Since computer science is such a vast field, the graduate degree will expand not just a student’s knowledge but also career options and the ability to branch out into other areas. Students typically realize that there are many advantages to earning a master’s in computer science.