One way to encourage more women to enter and stay in STEM fields is the offering of awards for women in technology. These awards come at differing levels, including student awards that encourage young women to pursue the technology field and awards that recognize the hard and innovative work of women already in the field. Whether you are just starting to explore the technology profession or have already established yourself in it, you could benefit from learning about some of the awards available. Below is a sampling of some of what’s out there.

The Center for Women in Technology

The Center for Women in Technology (CWIT) is located at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Their merit based scholarship program is part of their overall dedication to increasing the presence of women in technological and engineering jobs. These scholarships are for undergraduates at UMBC who major in computer science, mechanical engineering, and several other STEM areas. They are awarded to both in and out of state students, and range from 5,000-22,000 per year to cover tuition and other education related expenses.

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The Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) offers scholarship awards to undergraduate and graduate women studying for degrees in engineering, computer science, and engineering technology at accredited schools. They provided about 220 such scholarship awards in 2015, which totaled in the vicinity of $660,000. They also provide scholarships for non-traditional women students who are seeking to return to school so they can become engineers. These are awarded to both part time and full time students who have been out of school for at least two years but have decided to go back to school as either an undergraduate or graduate student.

Women in Technology Leadership Awards

The Washington, D.C. area Women in Technology has been awarding regional women in technology for seventeen years. These professional women are recognized for their talents, contributions, and vision in a number of work areas, including large sector, mid-sector, and small sector corporate jobs as well as government jobs, small business/entrepreneurship, and defense jobs.

Women in Technology Hall of Fame

The respected trade organization Women in Technology International (WITI) annually recognizes and awards women who have made “outstanding contributions” in the fields of science and technology. They have held their Hall of Fame induction awards ceremony annually for twenty-two years. They are a global network with over 2 million members. You can see their website for nomination forms and a list of those who have won, along with other information about the group.

50 Most Powerful Women in Technology

Since 2009, the National Diversity Council has been honoring what they term the 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology by listing and featuring them on their website. This is an impressive list of women whose achievements can inspire a whole new generation of young women in technology. Although the award is simply one of recognition, that recognition is sometimes overdue. Those leaders who make the list have contributed in important ways to the growth of their businesses and organizations and have a proven track record of accomplishments as well as professional and ethical behavior. This is a great place to get inspired if you’re a young woman contemplating a career in technology.

Whether you are a woman just beginning to study technology or have already established your career, there are a variety of awards to recognize or encourage your achievements. This is just a sampling; there are many other awards for women in technology in other parts of the country.