Where to Shop Online for Computer Products

  • Jameco Computer Products
  • Fujitsu United States
  • Birmingham Computer Products
  • Xerox (including KCP)
  • NewEgg

There are a lot of options out on the market for computers and computer products. Particularly, there are many online retailers for these products. However, it can be difficult for both business professionals and individual home users to navigate effectively. There are many vendors who might be trying to rip people off–charging premium rates for sub-par products or having fine print agreements that truly don’t offer any good for the consumer. The truly great online retailers for computer products offer good rates, great customer support, and high-quality computer-related products. Let’s take a look at some of the best online retailers for computer products.

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Jameco Computer Products

Jameco Computer Products offers a variety of computer products for an incredibly cheap price. They are mostly for people who need to buy in bulk, so if you’re looking to buy one or two items, it might not be as effective a vendor as others. Either way, their prices are quite excellent.

Fujitsu United States

Fujitsu offers more than just basic electronic devices. They also offer large IT products like entire servers and computer storage. Fujitsu document scanners are some of their most popular products.

Birmingham Computer Products

Birmingham Computer Products offers office space oriented computer product services. Their specialty is selling affordable and high-quality printers. These printers are great for home use as well, and are quite reliable machines. These printers are capable of printing a wide variety of things from brochures to even posters.

Xerox (including KCP)

The Kurzweil reading machine is an excellent resource for anyone looking to analyze documents at a large level without the time to read them. It really does seem like a technology from the future. KCP is now owned by Xerox, which offers their own software in alignment with Kurzweil’s old products. Xerox also offers a wide variety of computer hardware and software. These products are not particular geared towards either home or office use by the consumer. The products that Xerox offer are very versatile, and that is why they are a household name.


NewEgg is simply amazing. They offer discounted computer products to all people. Deals are updated daily and throughout the year. NewEgg has been offering individual at-home users computer products for years. There’s no reason an office manager couldn’t browse through the NewEgg catalog and try and find some nice deals for equipment to be used around the workplace.

All in all, there are many online retailers for computer products. But the best online retailers for computer products offer inexpensive and high quality products. These five vendors are some of the best fits for both home and office use.