Once you earn a degree in computer science, you’ll know how to write software. You’ll also develop techniques for creating mobile device applications, establishing websites and programming software. Computer science professionals should consider learning five essential programming languages. These include:

• Python
• Java
• C Language
• Java Script
• Structure Query Language


Python is an advanced server-based scripting language that you can use to create websites and mobile applications. Those who are just starting out in their computer science careers should learn Python because of its compact structure and transparent coding. This means that you can establish a concept with less code than you will when you use other programming languages. When you use Python, you’ll able to work fast and combine systems more successfully. It’s easy to install, and a number of Linux and UNIX distributions feature it. Instagram, Rdio and Pinterest use Python to operate their web applications. Google, NASA and Yahoo also use the programming language.


Sun Microsystems created Java during the 1990s. The programming language is class-based as well as object oriented. Today, Java is one of the most commonly used systems. In fact, the programming language is usually selected for web-based content, games, mobile applications and enterprise software. When Sun Microsystems designed Java, the organization made sure that the programming language would operate on multiple software platforms. This setup means that you can write a program on Windows, and it will work on Mac. You can download Java free. Once you have access to the programming language, you’ll have the software to develop your web products and applications.

C Language

To keep yourself well rounded in the computer science industry, be sure to learn C language. It is the oldest programming language, and it continues to be one of the most widely used options. Many developers use C language as a base since it provides support for other popular programs like Python, Java and C#. It’s been around since the early 1970s, and most people use C language to execute operating systems or insert applications. Because C language is often chosen as the foundation for other programs, you should consider learning it before you begin working with other systems.


Netscape developed JavaScript to operate as a client and server-based programming language. Most of its composition comes from C language, but JavaScript works well for web functions that are interactive or animated. You can use JavaScript to program how a webpage operates. You can also use it with HTML. JavaScript will give you a way to move scripts to external files. Developers who write game programs or desktop applications generally prefer JavaScript. The programming language has the technology to operate across several different web browsers, and its exponents are even a part of Adobe Acrobat, Google’s Chrome additions and Apple’s Safari expansions.

Structured Query Language or SQL

SQL is a programming language that you can use for updating and informational purposes. Android phones and iPhones use SQL to run applications. In addition, major organizations like banks, governments, hospitals and large businesses use the programming language for their systems. SQL is based on the mathematical theory of operation. Once you begin using the programming language, you’ll have the ability to select the best databases for your needs. After deciding to learn how to use SQL, prepare yourself as many people find the system challenging. However, if you persevere, you will learn the major theoretical concepts that almost all data storage systems use.

Cutting-Edge Careers

Today, computer technology is used in almost every industry. Whether you’re interested in creating the latest app or obtaining a career in the government sector, a computer science degree will give you the background to go after the job you’ve always wanted.

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