Artificial Intelligence Expos For Industry Leaders

  • AI Global Expo 2018
  • AIEvolution 2018
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018
  • Rise Of AI Conference 2018
  • The AI Summit 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming one of the most exciting advancing fields in technology, so it should come as no surprise that there are a variety of 2018 conferences and expos that bring the community together. As AI becomes a big risk to traditional industries, like gas and oil, the way that this technology unfolds becomes more important to understand. Here are the top events coming up in 2018 that industry leaders should try to attend.

AI Global Expo 2018

The AI Global Expo will be hosted on April 18th and 19th in London, United Kingdom. It is the largest A.I. expo in the world and has a focus on showcasing advancing technologies within the field. This conference is open to professionals of all industries and will cover AI; concurrent sessions include deep learning, virtual assistants, business intelligence, and more. Over two days, workshops, keynote speakers, and social events will be held for the attendees; the expo floor also holds dozens of sponsors and vendors who will be demonstrating their wares.

AIEvolution 2018

AIEvolution is an annual artificial intelligence conference that is set to take place on February 8, 2018, in New York City, New York. It is an event that is open to industry leaders from all sectors and will focus on how AI can be used effectively in all industries. The main goal is to provide professionals with an understanding on how current and upcoming research will change the way that humans interact with artificial intelligence and how the technology itself will streamline operations and manage IoT and Big Data. The conference will host workshops, a keynote speaker, and a networking dinner that is available to all attendees.

Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

This conference is hosted by BoostrapLabs and will take place on April 12, 2018, in San Francisco, California. It is an event that is open to professionals and the public; it has a stated focus on how AI applications and the commercialization of the technology will impact industries across the country. Through workshops, plenaries, and a keynote speaker, attendees will be able to learn about and discuss applied artificial intelligence. There will also be demonstrations hosted by leaders in the AI field, allowing every individual to see the immediate impact of the technology; discussion sessions will follow to debate the future impact of the same and other emerging technologies.

Rise Of AI Conference 2018

The Rise of AI Conference is a special conference that is limited to just 500 attendees who have made an impact on the AI field. It is a one-day event that is scheduled to take place on May 17, 2018, in Berlin, Germany; the event is open to the international community. The size of this conference may surprise some professionals, but it is this limited attendance that provides for better networking opportunities and more participation throughout the day’s workshops and lectures. Between the six tracks that have been announced, attendees can choose from over 30 talks and even have time for networking during breaks.

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The AI Summit 2018

The AI Summit 2018 is the world’s largest A.I. expo; there are over 110 conference sessions, 85 exhibitors, and 180 speakers slated to attend this event. The conference will take place between June 13 and June 14, 2018, in London, United Kingdom. Attendance is expected to reach over 10,000 individuals and is the highlight event of London Tech Week. This event is open to the public; however, some tracks are open only to professionals in the field.

Artificial intelligence has a variety of applications; from healthcare to education, business to government, AI can be a positive force in everyone’s lives. As the field grows in prominence, professionals will have to keep up and learn how to utilize the technology effectively. With these five exciting A.I. Expos in 2018 already on the roster, all an individual has to do is pick one to attend.