Computer Science Federal Jobs

• Program Managers
• Computer Engineers
• Computer Programmers
• Management Analysts
• Computer Specialists

Computer science graduates have many federal jobs from which to choose. Federal jobs have continued to be popular not just because of the wages but also the various benefits that come with the employment. With computer science being such a popular and vast field, it’s understandable that computer science graduates would be able to find various jobs working for the federal government. Here are five federal jobs for computer science graduates as well as a little information on each position.

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1. Program Managers

Program managers are the trained professionals in charge of many projects within an organization. They are in charge of developing programs and analyzing them to determine their worth. If the programs are not efficient, the program manager determines how to correct them so that they can improve the efficiency and performance of an organization. The program manager often works with both management and the engineering department. With so many different departments within the federal government, project managers could work in any number of areas. reports that program managers earned a median annual wage of $126,426 as of March 2017.

2. Computer Engineers

Computer hardware engineers research the needs of a company or department and design new computer hardware to meet the needs of the company. They also develop, design and test computer systems and related components like memory devices, processors, circuit boards, routers and networking equipment. Computer engineers also oversee the manufacturing process of computer systems and ensure that computer hardware is compatible with the software being used. As of May 2017, computer hardware engineers earned a median annual wage of $115,120 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

3. Computer Programmers

Computer programming can be a very demanding career in terms of federal computer science jobs. In addition to the many other duties, computer programmers must write and test the code that allows software programs and applications to run correctly. By analyzing program designs, they’re able to create a program that allows users to run it on a computer. If programs don’t work correctly, the computer programmer may be the individual responsible for fixing the problem. They work closely with software developers. Computer programmers earned a median annual wage of $82,240 as of May 2017 according to the bureau.

4. Management Analysts

Also known as management consultants, management analysts develop and suggest ways to make an organization more efficient and profitable by increasing revenue and decreasing expenses. They gather and analyze financial information and other important information, confer with other managers, interview personnel and make recommendations based on their findings. Management analysts may work for an organization or may be self-employed, so their work may change from day to day. The BLS reports the median annual 2017 wages for management analysts at $82,450.

5. Computer Specialists

Computer specialists are the professionals who are called when there is a problem with the computer system. They test and evaluate computer network systems, troubleshoot networks and perform regular maintenance to ensure correct operation. Computer specialists also provide training to employees on computer use and assist them when they have computer-related problems. They also set up new computer equipment and ensure it all works correctly. As far as federal computer science jobs go, this could be the job that gets the most activity because the federal government needs the computer system to be up and working at all times. The BLS reports annual average wages of $52,160 for these professionals.

Computer science graduates have the knowledge and training to work in both the private and public sector. With so many areas of concentration within this field, employment possibilities are almost endless. The positive employment aspects of federal jobs make them appealing choices for computer science graduates.