Five Ways to Learn about Artificial Intelligence for Free

  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Coursera
  • Google AI
  • Class Central
  • EdX

Artificial intelligence, which is sometimes known as machine learning, is a technology that is at once making everyone’s life easier as well as becoming a field that most people need to have at least a working understanding of in order to do their jobs. It’s becoming so important that Forbes did an entire article outlining some of the best courses to take on the subject. Here are five places online that students can learn about AI for free.

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1. MIT OpenCourseWare

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known as MIT to most people, is the country’s best-known school for STEM majors. The school should also be known for something else; the OpenCourseWare site. This website lists nearly all of MIT’s current and archived courses for students to engage in for free. Among the offerings are a group of AI courses. These range from beginner to advanced modes of study, enabling students the chance to build their foundation on the subject in relatively easy courses. While certifications and credit are not available for college transcripts, it is a great place for students to get started.

2. Coursera

Coursera is a nationally recognized purveyor of massive open online courseware. The site hosts courses from colleges and universities around the world; additionally, it has now partnered with some institutions to provide certificates and degrees. AI courses are currently available as stand-alone courses and specializations. It’s important for students to note that courses are offered at different educational levels and during different times of the year; beginner’s courses are noted as such when viewing the syllabus.

3. Google AI

One of the leaders in educating people about AI is Google. The company is so invested in the technology that it has launched Google AI, a learning platform that offers courses, guides, tutorials, code labs, videos, and even glossary documents based on machine learning, an alternative name for AI. The information available suits everyone from students to business decision makers and is delivered in a format that makes it easy for everyone to learn. The information is also free and open with the understanding that all Americans would benefit from learning about the subject.

4. Class Central

Class Central is another massive open online courseware site. While this site does offer paid courses, many are free and come with certificates. The site offers a variety of courses on artificial intelligence and can range from institutes to universities. Students will find that courses are also reviewed so that they can gain an understanding of the subject before jumping into the syllabus. The great part about the courses is that nearly all of them are self-paced, enabling students to study when it’s most convenient for them. The site also directs students to other sites who have free courses on the same subject.

5. EdX

Another great resource for students that is free and easy is Edx. The nonprofit site offers high-quality courses from some of the best-known colleges and universities worldwide, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Imperial College London, and Princeton University. The site has courses that range from beginning to advanced levels of study in a range of languages. Like most other MOOC websites, students can pay for certificates and credit for select courses; however, most courses are self-directed and do not result in a qualification. This is a great choice for students who are interested in learning about AI and do not require a certificate to further their career.

Machine learning is not a new technology, but it is developing at an exponential pace. No longer reserved for just engineering, the field now permeates the business, government and security industries, among others. Anyone who is interested in learning about artificial intelligence is encouraged to do so, now more than ever; it will only add to their understanding of how their field will be affected by the technology in the future.

Source: Forbes