Computer Science Freelance Jobs

  • Blogging
  • Web Design
  • App Creation
  • Programming
  • Data Systems Analyst

After getting a degree in computer science, some individuals choose to find a company to work for, while others choose to go down the road for computer science freelance jobs. The people looking to work freelance like the flexibility of picking and choosing which jobs they are most interested in, enabling them to focus their skill sets on narrow areas.

1. Blogging

There’s no doubt about it. Blogs are an important aspect for anyone who is a computer science graduate. Individuals and companies need knowledgeable individuals who can write useful and intelligent blogs for both professionals and novices. The days when search engines would point someone towards a blog that was just stuffed with keywords are gone. Content is king and freelancers who actually know their material are extremely valuable.

2. Web Design

The web is not going anywhere. That’s obvious. Computer science graduates who are skilled in web design find themselves in serious demand. While there are many sites that are proud to offer “drag and drop” web design services that anyone can use, professional web designers will always stand out from the crowd, making them valuable commodities. Inc. Magazine points out that it is always best to hire someone professional (including freelancer designers) to create the best and most useful site possible.

3. App Creation

Apps are a terrific way for computer science graduates to really use their skills. This can also be a very lucrative way to make money. Some app creators have literally become millionaires because of what they’ve created. According to The New York Times, jobs in the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are concentrated in computer science. App creation is one route available to freelancers—and it is one area where there is tremendous demand from virtually every sector.

4. Programming

According to an article in Entrepreneur Magazine, there are literally thousands of freelance jobs that pay computer science graduates six figures. That’s pretty impressive. Of course, many of the top paying jobs involve people who have extensive programming skills. For example, one of the hottest areas that will be around for a very long time is something called “Natural Language Processing.” That’s the programming skill used to help create Virtual Assistants.

5. Data Science Analyst

An article in Forbes Magazine revealed that in 2016, data science topped the list of the highest paying fields available. Data-driven decisions are being made every day in just about every area of business and the need for people to actually provide the information needed to make valid decisions is remaining high.

When it comes to finding computer science freelance jobs, there are a wide variety of paths from which to choose. With a little research and planning, just about any computer science graduate can find an area of expertise that showcases their unique skill sets.