Computer Science Graduation Gifts

  • Computer Software Program
  • Internet Subscriptions
  • Hardware Accessories
  • Coding Books
  • Raspberry Pi

The best graduation gift ideas for computer science grads help students with their career goals by making their workstation efficient. These practical grad gifts provide the tools needed to enhance their skills with access to programs, subscriptions, and hardware that any coder or developer will appreciate.

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1. Computer Software Program

Depending on the student’s specialty, there are software licenses that can be purchased at a range of price options. A website developer may enjoy Adobe Dreamweaver to code and design beautiful websites from scratch. Other programs like Zend Studio helps developers code faster and fix issues easier. Expand a grad’s workstation with general software like VMware Workstation that allows them to run multiple operating programs at once, making their computer versatile for any project. There are also tools to test a web site’s performance and connect with other developers for sharing codes and tasks.

2. Internet Subscriptions

Online access to resources like GitHub to display, copy and research code is essential for any developer. Server subscriptions that provide offshore, anonymous hosting like VPNs give web develops the space and freedom to create fast websites. Access to a VPN service also allows for more privacy when sharing over the network. Or continue the learning process by buying a grad a membership to online courses to enhance their resume. has over 600 computer software and 700websitee development courses for unlimited use with a membership.

3. Hardware Accessories

Additional high-end gadgets can be added to a computer science grad’s workstation with these graduation gift ideas. A mechanical keyboard increases the speed of typing code while giving the user a satisfying touch. Couple this with a quality wireless mouse and wrist-supported mouse pad and watch a coder’s productivity grow. A bit more expensive option would be a second monitor for even more coding space. Or increase storage space with a new external hard disk or thumb drive.

4. Coding Books

There is always a new skill or coding language to learn even after a grad finishes a computer science degree. A professional coding book that is established in the programming field provides insight from the best coders. Some books like “The Mythical Man Month” go beyond the technical aspect of developing and explains the human components of software creation. Other books help coders become practical by describing the business side of programming. Or basic clean code books simply offer tips and strategies for making better code.

5. Raspberry Pi

Offering a fun way for developers to experiment with the mechanics of a computer, a Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive gift option. This small single-board computer can be connected to a lap top or desk top and runs multiply operating systems. It is also a popular way to mine for cryptocurrency or run software programs without using your computer processing power. Raspberry Pi can be expanded and connected to each other to create a large computer. It is a great learning tool to for beginners, but it is also very useful for experienced programmers to utilize.

A personalized gift shows that you made an effort to understand the computer science profession. Plus, these graduation gift ideas for computer science grads are realistic and will not go to waste like some novelty presents.