Best IT Conferences Coming Up in 2018

  • Tech Cruise 2018
  • TECHSPO New York 2018 Technology Expo
  • Spiceworld

With IT being named as one of the technologies that will dominate the tech world by 2022, the need for conferences grows. These meetings of the minds help the tech community learn and understand the issues that affect their industry while also giving them time to brainstorm with like-minded individuals. Here are the top five best conferences for IT professionals to attend in 2018.

Tech Cruise 2018

One of the most amazing conferences in 2018 for IT professionals will be the Tech Cruise. This is a one-week cruise that casts off from Orlando, Florida and hosts sessions, seminars, workshops, networking opportunities, and social events.

While at sea, IT professionals will be able to learn more about IT and the role it plays in technology and business, find new vendors and partners, learn from experts at keynote speaking engagements, and just spend some time networking with others in the business. While this is one of the most recent conferences to hit the scene, it is already growing in popularity.

TECHSPO New York 2018 Technology Expo

One of the best-known IT conferences in 2018 will be the TECHSPO New York 2018 Technology Expo. It is a two-day event that focuses on bringing technology experts from every sector, including IT, together in one place. Billed as an expo, the focus of the event is the exhibition floor, where vendors and marketers unveil the latest technology that will hit the business and tech worlds; however, the expo has grown to include keynote speakers and various mini-workshops in a variety of fields. IT professionals will also find that this is a great conference at which to network, especially if they are representing a company.


ILTACON, which is also known as the International Legal Technology Association Conference, is a great IT conference for professionals in the field. In 2018, this four-day event will take place in National Harbor, Maryland. This is an educational conference for IT professionals who are working in the space of legal technology and therefore focuses on the issues and trends in that field. Attendees can expect an exhibition floor filled with vendors, workshops, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities. It is also possible to take part in a voluntary planning committee that helps plan many of the events, allowing professionals to network within the association itself.


Spiceworld is an annual IT tech conference that will take place in Austin, Texas, in October of 2018. It has been named a “must attend conference” for information technology professionals by Sherpadesk. The three-day event focuses on workshops, seminars, networking opportunities, a marketing and sales floor and dozens of exhibitions by leading vendors. The conference allows for marketers and professionals to each have their own access to the event, with professionals being shown preference because of their participation as experts in the field.


One of the best IT conferences of 2018 is DEF CON, which will be held in mid-August in Las Vegas. While not strictly an information technology event, this conference does allow IT professionals to mingle with government agents and law enforcement to learn more about hacking and IT’s role in the space. It’s a great conference for professionals who work in the IT security sector and is a great place to hear keynote speakers, test out new tech, learn more about pressing issues in the field and more.

Information technology is a thriving sector. With so many advancements pushing this type of technology into the mainstream, it’s becoming increasingly important for these professionals to have events where they can congregate. Now that we’ve covered five great I.T. conferences in 2018, the only planning left to do is figuring out which conference still has early-bird tickets available.

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