Jobs for computer science majors are on the rise, and growth is projected to continue steadily over the next decade for most of them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are several interesting and high-paying jobs for computer science program graduates. These are a few of the best options.

1. Software Developer

For anyone who regularly thinks of ways to improve software programs or has new ideas for useful software products, this is a good job to seek. Software developers are responsible for creating electronic solutions to solve problems. They are often hired by companies that require their own in-house software or develop software to sell to other companies or end users. Software developers who are more entrepreneurial may independently create their own software programs to sell. While some developers run the underlying systems that control devices, others develop applications for specific tasks. The average annual salary of $93,000 is also an attractive part of this job.

2. Computer Network Architect

With an average annual salary of $91,000, this job is one of the most coveted for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Computer architects design, build and maintain computer networks. This includes intranets, wide-area networks and local networks. They may work for large companies or independently as consultants. Duties vary between building a network within a small office to building a large global network. Network architects test networks as they build them to identify and correct any issues.

3. Information Security Analyst

This job ranks close to the top two options in pay. The average annual salary for an information security analyst is about $86,000. With the number of cyber attacks increasing around the globe, the need for skilled information security analysts is growing. These individuals are responsible for analyzing a company’s security measures, making modifications and carrying out new measures to better protect the systems and networks of a company. As cyber attacks continue growing, the job duties for information security analysts also continue growing. These professionals must have good attention to detail and keep track of current cyber attack trends and tactics.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst inspects the current computer systems and procedures used by a company. The analyst determines the weaknesses and strengths of the system and suggests changes that will make the company run more efficiently. In addition to possessing computer skills, the computer systems analyst must also have a strong grasp of business concepts. These professionals bring the worlds of business and IT together to create the most effective solutions. Average annual pay for a computer systems analyst is about $79,000. Analysts may work independently or for firms.

5. Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for organizing and storing large amounts of important information. They use special software to help them do this. Customer information, financial data, shipping records, purchase records, business documents and tax information are just a few examples of the types of data they organize and maintain. Administrators must make sure that the data is readily available to approved individuals and is safe from attacks or use by unauthorized parties. Since they must identify needs and develop solutions, database administrators must be good at solving problems. These professionals earn an average annual salary of about $77,000.

From network administration to IT support, there are plenty of other great jobs for computer science majors. Computer science jobs are both mentally and monetarily rewarding. The first step toward landing one of these jobs is earning a Bachelor’s degree, and the first part of that goal is enrolling in a computer science degree program.