LinkedIn has become an absolutely indispensable networking site for all sorts of professionals, from technology to academia to the arts. It not only allows users to outline their professional experience, but has become a viable source for many employers due to its review and recommendation function.

The professional networking site boasts a large community of IT and tech professionals from all over the world, and serves as an excellent resources for IT professionals to network, learn together and from one another, and trade information on jobs and companies. No matter what your specialization, make sure to check out these five fantastic LinkedIn Groups for Computer Science professionals.

Data Science

Data Science is a LinkedIn group for computer science professionals focusing data analytics, management, and security. The focus of the group is how data science intersects with other areas of the IT industry, including engineering, business management, social media analytics, and automation. You can request to join Data Science on LinkedIn.


GeeksforGeeks, A Computer Science Portal For Geeks, is a website and LinkedIn group focusing on coding, mathematics, physics, and back-end engineering. IT professionals and especially computer engineers will find ample opportunity on GeeksforGeeks to exercise logical and technical skill by discussing and testing mathematical and coding challenges, in addition to networking opportunities and job listings. Hit up the LinkedIn app or website, search the group, and request to join – and don’t forget to like them on Facebook. You can also peruse their website at


ITLadies is a LinkedIn group specifically aimed at women working in computer science fields. Its self-proclaimed goal is “to inspire women to excel in technology careers.” As the IT world is still very male-dominated, even today, groups dedicated to women pursuing careers in computer science have become increasingly popular and representative. ITLadies is a small group as of yet, but you can request to join on Linkedin.

STEM Graduate Jobs UK

If you are a United Kingdom resident or attended university or college there, this group provides networking and job opportunities for graduates in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition to posting job opportunities for graduates in these areas, it also provides advice and helpful tips on the job searching process. A large group with over seven thousand members, request to join on LinkedIn – particularly if you are a computer scientist interested in relocating to or back to the UK.


GEOinformatics focuses on addressing problems of geosciences and engineering through correct application of computer science. The group discusses development and implementation of a variety of best practices, including – but not limited to – databases and management, information management systems, user interface development, and modeling and analysis. Applications of geoinformatics include global positioning systems and remote sensors. Professionals working in or interested in these arenas should request to join the group on LinkedIn.

These five groups are just a few of the many LinkedIn groups for computer scientists available on LinkedIn, but represent a variety of interests, specializations, and opportunities. If you are a computer science professional or student that utilizes LinkedIn regularly, one of these five groups may present you with excellent opportunities to learn, network, and seek employment in the computer science industry.

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