If you’re planning to pursue a degree in computer science or information technology, keeping up with the latest industry news can help you prepare. Magazines published for and by computer buffs offer a world of knowledge that can keep you up-to-date. Here are five great selections.

Five Must-Have Magazines for Computer Buffs

1. Macworld

If you prefer Macintosh products to PCs, make Macworld your first new subscription. Since its beginnings in 1984, Macworld has maintained its status as the largest Mac-oriented magazine in print. Issues feature product reviews, consumer advice, in-depth analysis and important breaking news about operating systems, new features and recent apps. The publication can help you keep up with developing technology and enhance the performance of your own computer system. Macworld topics also cover iPods, iPhones and iPads. If you choose to make Macworld your prime resource, be sure to broaden your horizons by also subscribing to other publications that are not devoted entirely to one brand or system.

2. Maximum PC

If you prefer working with a PC, this magazine will be your favorite. With a subscription to Maximum PC, you’ll have access to a vast array of articles, reviews, industry news and more. The monthly publication keeps up up-to-date with information about the latest products, software packages, games and business applications. A separate how-to section helps you master new tasks and incorporate new technology into your existing system. It can even help you build your own custom PC. Request a subscription, or visit the magazine website to gain access to everything you ever wanted to know about PC computing.

3. IEEE’s Computer

You can’t go wrong by trusting the world’s largest organization devoted to advancing technological innovation. Published by the prestigious IEEE Computer Society, Computer is an excellent resource for developers, researchers and advanced students. Topics included in Computer cover all aspects of computer science and its application in business and industry. The magazine also provides peer-reviewed content pertaining to trends and changes in the profession that can help you focus your studies strategically. Computer has been published for more than 40 years. In 2015, the magazine received an APEX award.

4. Windows IT Pro

If you’re already working on your degree, trade magazines can be a valuable resource. Since its first publication in 1995, Windows IT Pro has been helping IT professionals master their field. In addition to creating monthly content related to Windows-based IT applications, the magazine offers web seminars and training sessions. It even hosts conferences for IT professionals. Windows IT Pro features topics such as Windows server, Microsoft system center, group policy, active directory, PowerShell scripting, virtualization and Cloud computing; this content could be a great adjunct to your IT and computer science studies.

5. Wired

Finally, here’s a classic magazine that should be part of your real-world education. Owned by Conde Nast, Wired Magazine has been in publication since 1993. It is available in print and online editions. Featuring news about cutting-edge technology and editorials written by industry leaders, Wired has long been a respected resource for both professionals in computer science and the general public. It has even been credited for coining new terms like “the long tail” and “crowdsourcing.” You can trust Wired for the latest information about technology as it applies to business, design, culture, science and security.

Reach Into the Online World

In addition to subscribing to the best computer magazines and journals, be sure to check out blogs, social media resources and online forums related to your desired field. Discussing current industry issues with your future peers gives you valuable insight and prepares you for real-world problems that you’ll one day be solving on your own.

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