Netflix documentaries run the gamut from original films produced by the streaming service to larger and smaller docs produced by major and independent companies. As a tech lover, you’ll find dozens of documentaries that you can stream over your television, computer, tablet or even phone. These films discuss some of the top names in the industry as well as major innovations over the years.

”Silicon Cowboys”

When making a list of things to watch on Netflix, put “Silicon Cowboys” at the top of your list. Released in 2016, this film focuses on the competition early in the computer boom between Compaq and IBM. It goes back to the early days of Compaq to talk about how the company started and what it did to go up against IBM, which was one of the biggest companies in the world. The documentary features interviews with the men and women who worked for both companies and even discusses what happened to Compaq later.

”We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists”

Anonymous is one of the largest hacking groups in the entire world, and ”We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists” is a documentary all about this group. If you ever wondered who the first hackers were and what they did, you’ll learn all that and much more via this doc, which goes back to the early days of hacking to talk about what groups and individuals did. It also delves into the world of Anonymous to talk about how the group formed and some of the people, companies and even towns that they targeted online.

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”Atari: Game Over”

Depending on how old you are, you might have fond memories of playing Atari games in your living room as a kid. Though companies like Nintendo and XBOX still release game systems and video games, Atari disappeared over the years. “Atari: Game Over” is a great doc for gamers because it looks at the history of the company and what led to its failure. Though many refer to it as the ET film because it heavily focuses on the game based on that film, which almost bankrupted the company, it also looks at other problems that Atari suffered.

”Something Ventured”

Tech Times named “Something Ventured” one of the best Netflix documentaries available for streaming. With shows like “Shark Tank” on television and websites like Kickstarter around today, it’s easy to see where new companies get funding, but those shows and sites didn’t always exist in the past. This documentary tells the story of the venture capitalists who helped tech giants like Apple and Google get their starts. It also talks about some of the tech those companies made that helped change the world.

”Indie Game: The Movie”

Even if you prefer playing games to making games, you’ll still enjoy this documentary, which explores the world of indie game development. The men behind this film actually used Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary to create it. It looks at the big name companies in the industry and what they do to new developers as well as other issues that developers face when trying to create and launch their own titles. Once you see all the time and effort that goes into the development of different titles, you’ll never look at video games the same way again.

Netflix offers thousands of films and shows that you can stream instantly from the comfort of your own home as well as anywhere you might go. Whether you want to kick back and relax with a new film or watch something with friends, you’ll find a variety of Netflix documentaries for techies.