While your high school might offer few resources for computer science students, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and find those resources on your own. There are a variety of websites that can help you gain more experience and teach you the basics of working with computers that you can use on your school’s library or at home.

Team Treehouse

When you enroll in college and take these classes, you’ll work next to students who already have experience building their own websites. If you want to learn more about HTML and site building, use Team Treehouse. This site teaches you the fundamentals of designing and building your own website from scratch, including how to insert images and use meta tags. It also offers help with coding those sites and using different software. You can even learn how to create apps that will run on Apple and Android devices.

CS Online

Unless you have a trust fund or a dedicated college fund, you probably need some help paying for school. That is why CS Online offers a handy list of scholarships available for students who want to study computers and technology. You can view all scholarships available for undergrads or scholarships that are open to graduate students. It also lists those designed for women, LGBTQ, African American and other minority students as well as those designed for military students. You can see who sponsors each one, deadline information and amount of each prize and follow links to apply for those scholarships.

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Cheat-Sheets is one of the best online resources for high school students who want to practice their skills but need some extra help. It contains hundreds of cheat sheets and helpful guides on everything you need to know about working with computers and building websites. An alphabetical list on the left side of the page shows you each category listing and lets you click on links to load information relating to Adobe Acrobat, Blueprint and other topics. Cheat-sheets even provides useful tips on building blogs via free sites like Blogger.


Wordpress is a free site like Blogger that lets you design and build your own blog. Unlike Blogger, which limits the changes you can make based on the settings it has in place, Wordpress lets you do everything from scratch. You can experiment with codes to change the design or layout of the page, the font used and even the way videos and photos look on each page. Some professional designers got their starts using this site. Wordpress even offers free classes that you can take online to learn about all the features you can use and changes you can make.

CS Education Week

CS Education Week runs every year, usually around the first week of December. It provides resources for teachers that help them engage their students in discussions about computer science. The official website offers some additional resources for students too. Its Hour of Code features simple classes that you can take online that teach you the basics of coding in just 60 minutes. You can learn how to customize your own Minecraft game, how to create fun games of your own and how to compress text on a page. Some of these classes even feature popular characters from video games and cartoons.

If you wait until college to learn about coding and website design, you’ll be behind your peers. Even if your high school does not offer CS classes, you can still use online resources to your advantage. The best online computer science resources can teach you how to code, program and design your own site.